The Maltese Professor

PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 10 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 9:41 PM 10 Sep 2018

Leaker Claiming ‘Thousands’ Of Clinton’s Emails ‘May Be Deceased’

Maltese professor with Kremlin ties allegedly tried to pass Hillary’s emails from the Russians to Trump. Now he’s missing and may be dead.

If he is still alive, then finding him could mean his demise.

Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor who teased George Papadopoulos with Russia’s stockpile of “thousands” of Hillary Clinton emails “is missing and may be deceased,” lawyers for the Democratic National Committee admitted in court on Friday. Those keeping score say it might be time to add another notch to the suspected Clinton related body count.

In July 2016, when James Comey’s FBI supposedly found out Papadopoulos told Alexander Downer about Clinton’s errant emails, possibly through the illegal wiretap on Carter Page, they promptly set the counterintelligence operation Crossfire Hurricane into action, hoping to pin Russian collusion allegations on President Donald Trump.

In what many believe to be an attempt to cover up more embarrassing dirty tricks involving the DNC’s computer servers, the political party filed suit against President Trump’s campaign, WikiLeaks and Russia for “interfering in the 2016 election,” as PJ Media relates.

The Democrats allege in their lawsuit “Mifsud told Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of emails from Democrats in April 2016, two months before the Democrats themselves were aware that their computer system had been hacked. Mifsud told Papadopoulos he’d learned of the emails during a trip to Russia.”

However, who exactly told him is being kept secret.

“The DNC’s counsel has attempted to serve Mifsud for months and has been unable to locate or contact him. In addition, public reports have said he has disappeared and hasn’t been seen for months,” Adrienne Watson speaking for the DNC told The Hill. Their investigator was told, “he may be dead.”

Shortly after his name surfaced in the press, linked to salacious “dirt” the Russians allegedly had on Hillary Clinton, Mifsud suddenly fell off the face of the earth, leaving his Ukrainian fiancee and a newborn baby crying for answers.

As a normal part of any lawsuit, the people being sued must be given proper notice so they can answer the charges. Mifsud is named as a Defendant by the DNC.

It’s typical for the process server not to be able to find someone, often described as efforts to “actively evade service.” It’s clear that the DNC doesn’t think the man is hiding from the process server. However, many people think if he is still alive, then finding him could mean his demise, if he isn’t already dead.

Also on Friday, in a different courtroom, Papadopoulos was sentenced to basically a two-week vacation at the gray-bar hotel, for being confused about the timing. The Federal Bureau of Investigation charged him with lying to them because he said that Mifsud told him about the emails before he started working on the Trump campaign.

He had been named as a member of the campaign in March of 2016, before he met with the London based professor, but didn’t believe he had actually started doing any official work for the campaign yet.

The FBI does not dispute that Papadopoulos is convinced Professor Mifsud had the emails, just whether he was officially part of the campaign then or not.

It wouldn’t be a crime if he was on the job for Trump at the time he said he wasn’t, the only crime is telling the FBI that he wasn’t. He should have used the technique senior FBI officials use, say he didn’t remember.

“On or about April 26, 2016,” prosecutors write in documents charging Papadopoulos, “the Professor told defendant… that he had just returned from a trip to Moscow where he had met with high-level Russian government officials.”

“The Professor told defendant… that on that trip he (the Professor) learned that the Russians had obtained ‘dirt’ on then-candidate Clinton… ‘the Russians had emails of Clinton’; ‘they have thousands of emails.’”

One of the biggest riddles is who Joseph Mifsud was working for.

Officially, Fox News reports, he “had Western ties at academic institutions like the Link Campus University in Rome, the University of Stirling in Scotland, the London Academy of Diplomacy and the London Center for International Law Practice.”

Investigative reporter Lee Smith also notes his close ties to “Western governments, politicians, and institutions, including the CIA, FBI, and British intelligence services.”

Unofficially, it is quite likely he had direct ties to the Kremlin or one of the Russian intelligence services. In an April report on alleged Russian interference, House Intelligence Committee Democrats called him “Kremlin-linked.”

One former federal prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, suggests Mifsud was indeed a Russian agent but Mifsud swore up and down to the FBI he isn’t.

The last time Mifsud’s Fiancee “Anna” was in the same room with him, was Kiev in early April of 2017, she told BuzzFeed News.

“He told me he was in his hotel room when he was called downstairs by reception. It was the FBI. He said they wanted to talk about connections he set up between people in Britain and Russia. He said his phone was probably being checked.”

The last messages she exchanged on the phone with him occurred in October of 2017. She told him that she had been contacted by BuzzFeed. “Someone from London journalist asks about you,” she texted. “Do not reply please,” was his last message back to her.

Anna describes his relationship with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. “He said, ‘I have dinner with Lavrov tonight. Lavrov is my friend. Lavrov this, Lavrov that. He even show me picture with Lavrov.’”

Given Hillary’s close connections to Russian agents, the entire episode seems baffling to many conservatives.

Just days after lawmakers unsealed the guilty plea in the Papadopoulos case, Italian paper La Republica interviewed Mifsud in Rome. He acknowledged “being the unnamed professor referenced in the court documents.”

That is when he stopped sending messages to Anna.