Google Bias Display

PUBLISHED: 4:04 PM 13 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 4:06 PM 13 Sep 2018

Leaked Google Video Suggests Political Bias, ‘Resistance’

The video showed a number of Google leaders, including the co-founders and other executive staff, making politicized statements, maligning Trump voters, and promising to 'resist'.

A leaked Google video, which showed a meeting of the company's members, suggested political bias, and showed them lamenting after Hillary Clinton's election loss.

During the 2016 election season, it seemed to many people that everyone was against Donald Trump and his campaign. The media was running constant negative stories, the pollsters were claiming that there was a 95% chance (give or take 3%) that Hillary Clinton would crush him, and his campaign was being investigated by the federal government with questionable pretenses.

Now, however, a video leaked from Google has raised new questions about how much the Internet giant may have attempted to help Clinton keep President Trump out of the White House, especially in light of revelations about other things the company did. This video showed panic and dismay among the leadership of the company, and a desire to thwart the president.

The video also suggested a desire to manipulate ‘low information’ voters, which to many people demonstrates that their claims of ‘no political bias’ may be dishonest. In fact, some of the statements imply that Google is controlling society with their actions and are willing to wait.

The video is a complete recording of the first ‘all hands on deck’ meeting at Google after Donald J. Trump managed to trounce former Secretary of State Clinton.

During the gathering, which is also known as a TGIF (thank God it’s Friday) meeting, a number of extremely high-ranking members of the company, including co-founders, disparaged the President-elect and plotted to undermine his agenda and presidency.

These individuals who discussed undermining the aims of a legitimately elected politician who managed to receive shocking support in classically democrat areas have immense control over the internet.

Google has been, for years, one of the most popular search engines, and it purchased a number of large websites used for communication, such as YouTube.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Google worked to boost Latino voter turnout during the 2016 election, even making what the company described as a ‘donation.’

When more than 20% of the ‘Hispanic’ population voted for Donald Trump, those same senior employees at the company were dismayed.

During the meeting, Google co-founder Sergey Brin could be heard calling those who dared to support the republican candidate for president ‘fascists’ and ‘extremists.’

He also said that they were motivated by ‘boredom,’ which he said led to communism and fascism in the past. Many people recognize that a little education in some, is a very dangerous thing.

Finally, he asked his employees to consider what they could do to ensure a “better” quality of governance and “decision-making,” which certainly seemed like a call to push leftism via the platform.

The Vice President for Global Affairs for Google, Kent Walker, argued that supporters of populist causes and candidates, such as President Trump, were motivated by xenophobia, fear, and even “hatred.”

Walker also said that the company should fight to limit the populist movement.

He even suggested that it should be limited to merely a ‘hiccup’ in a historical arc he viewed as being “towards progress.”

Furthermore, he suggested that the fact Donald Trump won was a sign of tribalism in the American political system, rather than a repudiation of eight years of  Barack Obama‘s leadership.

Even Google’s CEO, Sundar Picha, said that the company would develop machine learning artificial intelligence, in hopes of it could combat ‘misinformed’ and ‘low-information’ voters.

The Chief Financial Officer, not to be outdone, broke down in tears while discussing the outcome of the election.

Ruth Porat also promised that the company, an internet monolith, would use its “great strength and resources” to advance “really important” values.

It seemed fairly obvious that those values were left-leaning in nature, and completely contrary to republican values.

Eileen Naughton, the Vice President of People Operations for the company, promised that the company’s policy team would be fighting against President Trump’s immigration policies.

She also told employees about their options for ‘moving abroad,’ since some wanted to flee to Canada after finding out their team lost.

Naughton even admitted that there were a number of issues concerning ‘diversity’ of political opinions in the company. A few weeks later, the company fired engineer James Damore for his ‘diverse’ opinions.

After this video was released, Google replied to a request for comment, and claimed that nothing in the meeting (or any other meetings) at the internet giant was meant to suggest any sort of bias in how they operated.

The video suggested, to some, that those within Silicon Valley, much like those in academia, have been insulated from the realities of the rest of the county.

While the value of Google grew, Barack Obama policies seemed to penalize many across the nation, and agencies like the EPA added additional costs to business operations.

Recently, the company, and a number of websites under their control, face continuous accusations of censoring and ‘deplatforming’ conservative voices.

Silicon Valley, in general, has long been accused of being a political monoculture, where only one political viewpoint was presented as acceptable.

Recorded meetings like this certainly haven’t changed that perception. In fact, it seems obvious to most people that Google has no intention of changing their mission, and will patiently wait to destroy all free thought.