Rosenstein Threatens Republicans

PUBLISHED: 7:58 PM 13 Jun 2018

Leaked Emails Show Rosenstein Threatened Republicans

Leaked emails show Rosenstein threatened to subpoena their calls and emails.

Trump won't fire Rosenstein, for now.

Leaked emails show that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened republican members of the House Intelligence Committee in January over the Russia probe. Shortly after those emails leaked to Fox News, Rosenstein confirmed on Wednesday that he will recommend an internal investigation into the republican staffers.

For months, Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and other republican lawmakers have been fighting with Rosenstein for access to documents related to the Russia investigation. Confrontations with the Department of Justice and Rosenstein — who oversees Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe — have gotten so contentious that the deputy AG threatened to subpoena lawmakers’ calls and emails earlier this year. His audacity is outrageous.

Now, the DOJ confirmed to Fox News that it will recommend staffers’ conduct on the committee be investigated after the emails were leaked.

According to The Daily Caller, Rosenstein made the threat to republican lawmakers in January after an combative and aggressive session. When they demanded access to documents regarding the Russia probe, they said Rosenstein not only refused to comply, but vowed to investigate the members if they continued to push for the documents.

Since then, republican lawmakers have only turned up the heat and have declared an all-out war on Rosenstein for his refusal to comply with congressional investigations.

In one email leaked to Fox News, a staffer wrote that Rosenstein issued a “not-so-veiled threat to unleash the full prosecutorial power of the state against us.”

Kash Patel, a second committee investigator, wrote in an email that Rosenstein said the DOJ “will subpoena your records and your emails.”

In February, Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett tweeted that two sources confirmed to him that Rosenstein threatened the lawmakers and staffers.

So, here’s what we have.

Rosenstein, Nunes, and other republican lawmakers and staffers held a closed-door meeting in January to discuss the DOJ handing over more Russia-related documents to the committee. Democrats have claimed for more than a year that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, so lawmakers requested to see the proof.

Rosenstein not only denied the request, but two staffers say he threatened to subpoena their calls, texts, and emails and subject them to prosecution from the DOJ.

These staffers and lawmakers were treated more harshly and aggressively for doing their jobs than the DOJ ever treated Hillary Clinton, who broke the law on numerous occasions.

Within hours of the emails being leaked to Fox, Rosenstein is recommending an internal investigation into the staffers. It appears that Rosenstein possibly obstructed justice and crossed a major line by threatening members of Congress.

Why won’t the DOJ be transparent and give Congress documents related to Mueller’s probe? Taxpayers have already spent more than $17 million on Mueller’s witch hunt, but Rosenstein doesn’t think the American public (or their elected representatives) has the right to see the documents?

Rosenstein threatening members of Congress is a scathing reminder about how far the deep state is willing to go to protect their own.