PUBLISHED: 1:42 PM 25 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 7:53 PM 25 Sep 2016

Leaked DNC Email, Ohio And PA Voters Called “White Trash”

The Most Corrupt Woman On This Planet

The Most Corrupt Woman On This Planet

The Most Corrupt Woman On This Planet

In July, WikiLeaks revealed many dark and corrupt secrets of the DNC, and how they rigged the election against Sen. Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton. The leaks also showed that Democrats were often quite racist in their emails when referring to voters and demographics that make up this country.

In one email, Democrats referred to Hispanics as their “taco bowl engagement.” As racist and bigoted as that is, sadly, there were dozens more just like that. An email was also released from the DNC that regarded the two battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

In the email, the DNC is caught again categorically labeling millions of Americans in ways that are deplorable, and we should never let them forget that they used this type of language. Here is the despicable email:


Voters In Both Swing States Should Remember This On Election Day

“They’re blue collar, poor white trash, and similar to ‘the Jew’s’ supporters and we can peal them away.”

“They’re stupid.”

“They cling to their guns, their bibles, and they’ll believe anything we tell them.”

It should never be forgotten that the Democrats are the ones that wrote these emails. They were not doctored or manipulated, these are the words they chose to describe Ohio and Pennsylvania voters.

As damaging as this email leak is, keep in mind they also wrote several other things about Americans in this particular region of the country, as well. Senior leadership of the Democratic Party, in various emails stated that:

A. Voters of Kentucky and West Virginia are religious bigots

B. Southern Baptist voters in those states are bigots and racists

C. That these groups might have some problem with voting for a Jew. but they would be even more troubled by voting for an atheist (Bernie Sanders reference).

We Need All Independents And Bernie Supporters To Help Us Take Down Clinton For Good

We Need All Independents And Bernie Supporters To Help Us Take Down Clinton For Good

While Democrats and the mainstream media will argue that Donald Trump and his retweets are more important, this is very damaging news for Democrats. Again, we must never forget how they are the party that classifies people into groups instead of referring to everyone as what we all are: Americans.

This is as close to an honest-to-goodness “dog whistle” as you are going to get. The DNC actually used this racist line of thinking because maybe they are the actual party of racism. They have tried for decades to label the GOP as racists, but it certainly appears that they are using their own prejudices to win an election.

In fact, it was the Republican National Convention that hosted a black pastor, a single mother, an openly gay entrepreneur, and a guy whom the Democrats will try to paint as a racist for the next four days.

True character is what you do when no one is looking, and we have thousands of examples of the Democrats character thanks to WikiLeaks and other hacking groups that expose the truth.

How can Democrats choose and elevate a candidate as corrupt as Hillary Clinton? Remember, they rigged the election in favor of Hillary over Sanders. They chose her. It is unimaginable to take someone like Hillary, that has been involved in this much corruption — which, again, has put every single American at risk — and then give her a promotion.

At the end of the day, the American people must rise up and unite to make this country great again. You have 35 years of Hillary’s record to examine in politics. It is crystal clear that she has chosen special interest groups and donors over the American people her entire career.

We need someone that will wake up everyday and fight for the American people. Hillary’s corruption is not just extraordinary, it’s extraordinary corruption for the purpose of hurting America. We have to fight and take our country back from these corrupt Democrats. We need everyone’s help.

Will you do your part to win this election?