Leaked Bill Stuns

PUBLISHED: 6:50 PM 2 Jul 2018

Leaked Bill Shows Trump Wants To Remove World Trade Organization Rules

Trump wants to alter key WTO rules to impose sanctions and tariffs on nations.

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A leaked draft of a Trump administration bill shows the White House is looking to abandon certain rules of the World Trade Organization according to Axios, which obtained a copy of the draft. The bill aims to allow the White House more freedom to negotiate with nations one-on-one and make deals with different nations, instead of allowing all WTO members to bleed the US dry.

The United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act would allow President Donald Trump to ignore two principles of the WTO and take part in bilateral negotiations with any nation member. The legislation, assuming the White House moves forward with it, would need congressional approval before it can be signed into law. Liberals, who apparently embrace the one-world government, are already claiming this will never pass in Congress and it is ‘insane.’

Primarily, the bill would allow Trump to abandon the “Most Favored Nation” principle, which states that countries are not permitted to set different tariff rates for countries outside of free trade agreements.

Trump wants to be able to negotiate with China, the European Union, and Canada without having to stick with the same terms. Meaning, his deal with Canada may be different than one with China or the EU. The president wants to loosen the restrictions so he has more leverage at the negotiating table.

The draft also calls for a removal of the “bound tariff rates,” which are tariff limits that all WTO members agreed to years ago.

This has also been frustrating for Trump, who has proven on numerous occasions that previous administrations have agreed to bad trade deals, which has been disastrous for the U.S. Bad deals has resulted in the U.S. falling into a massive trade imbalance with other nations, and Trump is trying to find ways to fix another problem left behind for him.

Axios reports that Trump asked his economic team to develop a plan to address trade and tariff imbalances, but has not signaled he wants to move forward with measures yet.

Liberals immediately began their woe-is-me cry over the leaked draft, peddling falsehoods that Trump is waging a reckless trade war with other countries that will hurt the U.S.

These same critics also fail to admit that American workers have been harmed by tariffs and trade imbalances from other nations for decades. Unlike previous administrations, Trump is actually trying to do something about it.

The president wants to negotiate better deals, and the leaked draft offers insight into the president’s thought process. The U.S. imports and exports different products from hundreds of nations. A new aluminum deal with Canada may not be the same as one with China for machinery and clothing.

The measure shows that Trump believes he will have more leverage with nations if he can set and impose different tariffs as part of the negotiations.

Liberals desperately want the people to believe Trump is waging a war, but all he’s trying to do is stand up for American workers who have been spit on and disregarded for many years.