‘Dirt Bag Losers!’

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 25 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 5:29 PM 25 Mar 2019

Leading Dem Promises To ‘Continue’ But Heckler Shouts “Loser!”

Democrats are fighting a losing battle now, after the expensive cover up of Hillary and Obama crimes conducted by Robert Mueller has failed to deliver on their promises.

Jerrold Nadler was furious when a heckler yesterday called him a loser, and a 'dirt bag!'

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said on Sunday that despite the fact there is no evidence of collusion or obstruction, congress will continue to investigate President Trump because “we are in charge,” he claimed.

But, at least one person had to guts to stand up to his idiocy.

During a press conference, a heckler shouted “losers!” and other disparaging remarks.

“We know there was collusion,” Nadler insisted several times during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Why there’s been no indictments, we don’t know,” he idiotically claimed.

Um… Nadler, we do know why there’s been no more indictments.

There is no evidence of a crime.

Despite the fact that democrats lied, destroyed evidence, orchestrated massive entrapment plans, and basically conducted a soft coup against an elected President of the United States, Mueller still had nothing.

How much would anyone like to bet if there was the slightest hint of any wrongdoing, the news would be treating like the biggest scandal in history?

Nadler listed the Trump Tower meeting and the way Trump “pressured the FBI to go easy, to stop investigating Flynn,” and Trump firing Comey as evidence of the alleged “collusion.”

Firstly, the Tower meeting was orchestrated by democrats and Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS. It was designed to entrap campaign members, but failed miserably.

Second, the president has every right to request the FBI act in an incident that new reports show Hillary Clinton actually committed herself before Barack Obama was inaugurated.

Of course, that was also a set-up by the Obama FBI. General Mike Flynn got arm-twisted into pleading to lying even though the FBI agents who talked to him said he wasn’t lying.

Likewise, the president’s firing of James Comey (which democrats had been screaming for just a year before) was not obstruction. As the executive of the country, he had every right to fire lying James Comey.

It’s his job.

Bash pointed out several times that none of that rose to the level of indictment from the Mueller team, but Nadler ignored it.

“Well, there have been obstructions of justice, whether they are — clearly, whether they are criminal obstruction is another question,” Nadler explained.

“But we have — the special prosecutor is limited in scope. His job was limited in scope and limited to crimes. What Congress has to do is look at a broader picture.

“We are in charge — we have the responsibility of protecting the rule of law, of looking at obstructions of justice, abuses of power, at corruption, in order to protect the rule of law so that our democratic institutions are not greatly damaged by this president.”

“You guys are a bunch of losers! Good job, dirt bags, good job!” the heckler shouted.

Nadler was visibly angered by the apparent fact.

The heckler interrupted Nadler several times, including when Nadler was asked whether the Barr letter gave him any concern about how “the parties would move forward.”

“You’re behind, Nadler! You’re not gonna move forward!” the heckler shouted.

Nadler replied to the reported that the House would “move forward with our investigation of obstruction of justice.”

Of course, no need to address the fact that there was NO obstruction.