PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 17 Apr 2017

Leader Of Hungary Issues Call For It To End, Announces Plan To Defend “Christian Civilization”


Hungary’s Prime Minister Ordan, who sees himself as a defender of European and Christian Civilisation.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Ordan made strong comments after protesters took to the streets, opposed to new regulations that could end Central European University, a school founded and funded by Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Ordan indicated in his remarks that the new law, which some say targets CEU directly, is necessary because Hungary – and all of Europe – finds itself in a culture war. He sees this new law as a defense against special interest groups and ideologues who do not have Hungary’s best interest at heart.

On Easter Sunday, Ordan, when interviewed by the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők, stated in no uncertain terms, “Today we live in a time when international politics is a battlefield. The independence and freedom of European nations area ta stake. And at the center of this battlefield is migration. In the present dress rehearsal for the election campaign, secondary battlefields are emerging in the form of the Soros university, the transparency of international lobbying organizations and financial stability.”

The Prime Minister went on to say, “The biggest debate in Europe today is about migration, this is what our future stands or falls on, the fate of Europe. The question is whether the character of European nations will be determined by the same spirit, civilization, culture and mentality as in our parents’ and grandparents’ time, or by something completely different.”

ceu demonstration

Protestors demonstrate against new law outside of CEU in the streets of Budapest.

CEU is an international organization. It boasts that it is a community composed of people from across the world; with 1,500 students from over 100 countries and faculty members from 30 countries. CEU is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and is incorporated both there and in the United States. CEU is a small college and offers students degrees for attending as few as one class – offering both an American and a Hungarian degree. This is a very liberal college – as many colleges are – but the Hungarian government sees that there are many unique circumstances that warrant different types of regulations for this school.

This university was founded with an $880 (U.S. dollars) grant from George Soros. This makes CEU one of the wealthiest universities in the world, even though it is quite small. George Soros has been tied to advocating for migration into Europe. Soros is a major donor to establishment candidates on both sides of the American political system (both Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan). Soros is a leading globalist force and his school, which offers degrees in humanities, law, management, public policies and social sciences. The law would require an agreement between the United States and Hungary if the university were to continue operations.

This strikes the many protestors as unwarranted and as an attack on the independence of institutions of higher education. The Prime Minister of Hungary doesn’t necessarily argue with this. Ordan sees himself as a defender of Christianity, which, in his view, is synonymous with Hungarian and European identity. Ordan wants Hungary to remain Hungarian. As such he has been resistant to the free movement of migrants from the Middle East, who he has called “a Trojan horse”.


Map of Schengen Area in Europe.

Hungary’s policy places any migrants in “shelters” to prevent migrants from abusing the laws of the Schengen zone. The Schengen Zone (or area) is an area encompassing most of Europe where it is not necessary to have a passport for travel. It provides for free passing between nations. As many migrants and refugees have entered into the European Union in various countries they have the ability to enter into any other of the countries in the Schengen Zone without the knowledge of the receiving country. These kinds of porous borders are a threat in the eyes of Prime Minister Ordan.

Hungary’s shelters are a measure taken to have control over the migrant and refugee population for the sake of the safety of the European citizens. However, many have objected to these measures as inhumane. Ordan does not care and is not backing down from his position as refugees as a terrorist threat. They pose a threat in that terrorists can be hiding in their masses, and also pose a cultural threat, are harbingers of a hostile culture, the acceptance of which will cause Europe to entirely change the profile of culture. Neither of these is acceptable.

It is clear that Ordan feels the same way about George Soros, who is a globalist that has the financial power to influence the outcomes of nations. This kind of person challenges or undermines a nation’s ability to determine itself, through funding, co-opting, and creating organizations that have political motives and actual policy power that do not reflect the desires of the nation nor reflect the needs of the people.

Orban claims that CEU is training liberal activists and thus Soros is funding institutions that seek to change a policy that is against the Prime Minister’s conception of national security.

George Soros funded the Arab Spring and ISIS and is now funding terrorist refugees to Europe and the US. His IMF has extensive economic power in global finances

George Soros who is an advocate for migration policies that could change the cultural profile of Europe permanently.

Orban says in his interview that debates have been ignited by the fact that “those calling themselves liberal and left-wing – who are supported with the money, power, and networks of international forces, with George Soros at the forefront – claim that taking action against migration is wrong, impractical and immoral…The differing views [on the Central European university] do not affect the overwhelming majority and unity which rejects migration and the Soros-style network hiding behind it….I do not believe that the civic intelligentsia will be happy to be allied with people whom the impending legislation will clearly show to be operating with foreign funding, serving foreign interests, and following instructions from abroad.”

Ordan has said that this new measure will bring to the forefront the influence of foreign money, the question of migration, and the fate of Hungarian, European, and Christian civilization. “National governance in Hungary is under continuous pressure and attack, and so in every election the most important thing at stake is whether we will have a parliament and a government that will seek to serve the best interest of the Hungarian people, or a parliament and a government that will seek to serve foreign interests.”