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PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 1 Oct 2018

Lawyer’s Friend Calls On All ‘Victims’ Of Kavanaugh To Come Forward

Many suggest that she sees the fact that the claims are bogus and wants to muddy the waters by getting more claims.

Emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon illustrate just how hard the left is working to discredit Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It appears Democrats are hoping find any other classmates who can corroborate Christine Blasey Ford’s assertion that Kavanaugh participated in inappropriate behavior some 30 years ago.

Andrea Caputo Rose, an attorney who identifies herself as a friend of Debra Katz (Ford’s lawyer), reportedly sent emails to about 50 former students of Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart seeking out women who could offer any information about language Kavanaugh used in his yearbook.

Debra Katz needs to find people who are familiar with what the slang terms used by Brett Kavanaugh in his yearbook page meant—such as FFFF—Devil’s Triangle—and Renate Alumnus,” Rose wrote, according to the Beacon. “If you can speak to any of these and are willing to sign an affidavit, please contact her.”

In the email, which was reportedly not the first of its kind, Rose encouraged alumni to use their “voice” to stop Kavanaugh.

Rose also asked former students for any information supporting Julie Swetnick’s allegation. Previously, Swetnick claimed that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge drugged girls and ganged raped them at parties in the early 80s.

“In regard to Julie Swetnick, whose allegations of drugging and gang (‘train’) rape just came out through Michael Avenatti today, please also let me or Debra Katz know if you can corroborate any of her allegations,” Rose said in the email.

“Time is critical if you have information and do not want to see Brett Kavanaugh sit on the Supreme Court for the next 40 years,” she said.

“Please use your voice,” she said. “You will not get a second chance.”

“Probably more so than Ms. Blasey Ford, many of us knew and hung out with Brett, Mark Judge, and their friends, we went to the same parties, to beach week, etc.,” Rose said. “It sounds like we likely had many more interactions with him than Ms. Blasey Ford. I have never met her, but the story that she is telling sounds plausible to me, and I believe her.”

Rose did her best to encourage any women with any knowledge to come forward.

”Assuming that she [Ford] is telling the truth, the odds are good that there may be other women who had a similar experience, and I am reaching out to you to help find out if this is the case,” the email said.

“My request is simple—if you or someone you know has information regarding sexual or other misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh, regardless of when it occurred, please share your story,” Rose said. “It is important even though it may have happened a long time ago.”

Rose guaranteed that any women who might come forward would be “treated confidentially” by Katz, although that hasn’t worked out for Ford, who allegedly wanted to remain anonymous.

Rose also claimed that attempts to find women who could corroborate any inappropriate behavior by Kavanaugh were not political, stressing the importance of transparency and honesty in the judicial selection process.

However, Rose went on to say, “Brett Kavanaugh’s potential appointment has serious ramifications that will impact our country for decades, and we owe it to ourselves and the next generations to make sure that if he is appointed, it is done in the daylight where those voting on his nomination have full information on all aspects of his qualifications,” the email concluded.

It’s hard to believe that after stressing the “serious ramifications” of Kavanaugh’s appointment that the search for women who can offer any information about the judge’s past behavior with women is anything but political.

In fact, most people believe it’s more likely that the matter is entirely political because a man like Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court terrifies liberals to the point of ruining the man’s life and reputation.

A spokesman for Katz told the Beacon that Katz was not aware of the emails and did not ask Rose to send them.

Despite Rose’s attempt to find any shred of evidence against Kavanaugh, no Stone Ridge alumni have yet to come forward with any allegations against the judge.

That could be because there simply aren’t any people who can testify that Kavanaugh was a drunken serial rapist, but many conservatives recognize that won’t stop Democrats from claiming he is.