Trump Lawyers Say No Interview

PUBLISHED: 8:02 PM 7 Feb 2018

Lawyers Advise Trump Not To Talk To Mueller

The interview may be on hold given the revelations in the Republican memo.

The President has been warned, he should be careful when speaking to Mueller.

The President’s lawyers have discouraged any cooperation with Robert Mueller’s special counsel. It would not be in his best interest.

Robert Mueller has already indicted other former Trump campaign aides. He might want to attempt to do the same to the President, particularly if he has found no real evidence of Russian involvement.

President Trump has been told that being open with Mueller might expose him to dishonesty and lead to him into legal jeopardy. Although it is unclear what an indictment would actually do in this case.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has warned that the President could be caught in a “perjury trap.” He advises the president that the investigators know more about the case and already have already collected evidence. “It only takes a couple of slip-ups… Don’t help them prosecute you” said Napolitano.

In the testimony of a witness in the investigation, an error can be treated as a crime even if no other crime has been committed. This seems to be the case with the indictment of General Michael Flynn in the Russia probe.

Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador. His statements about his activities were more of an error of omission, rather than proof of Russian collusion with the incoming administration over sanctions.

The Conservative Daily Post has recently reported that an indictment at this point would likely be for obstruction of justice, not for any real evidence of collusion. The indictment of a sitting president is a grey area, as there is no former legal precedent.

The special investigation into this matter has been called a witch hunt, as it makes every effort to make any connection between the Trump family and their associates to Russia. Mueller has subpoenaed bank records from before the President had considered seriously campaigning for election.

The release of the Nunes memo reveals that the fake dossier was in part funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Rep. Trey Gowdy has stated that the memo does not affect Mueller’s investigation and has warned Republicans about jumping to conclusions about the case.

President Trump tweeted that he believes that the memo vindicates him, finding it to be proof that there was no collusion or obstruction of justice. The memo credits the dubious Steele and the Fusion GPS dossier for the warrant that was used to spy on the Trump campaign.

The FBI and democratic politicians have expressed “grave concerns” about the accuracy of the memo. It is believed to be misleading, raising questions about the timing of the investigation. The memo focuses on Carter Page, the former campaign adviser, and his communications.

The Democrats claim that the investigation did not begin with, nor originate from the dossier or Christopher Steele. This is a convenient argument to make now that it would be difficult to prove.

The problem with the FISA warrant and the timing of the case are that this process might have revealed a case of parallel construction. The FISA memo allowed the investigation to reveal other evidence that would make its case, retroactively.

Parallel construction is when surveillance is conducted by illegal means and then supported by regular investigations after the fact. The issue remains that private citizens were spied on by the government, based on a highly questionable source.

Christopher Steele, a former spy in the British Secret Intelligence Service, claims that he found ties with President Trump and “the Russians” that proved that there was damaging information on his personal behavior and finances that could be used to influence the election.

Steele worked for the private research firm, Fusion GPS, which was funded in part by Hillary Clinton. No evidence has been released to the public, which shows proof of the supposed video evidence of encounters with prostitutes or any relationship with the Kremlin.

The President has recently stated that he would be willing to defend himself. His legal team now advise him to avoid testifying for the Mueller investigation, an advice which has been supported by conservative media and legal experts.

The new FBI scandals could be the motivation behind the intensified effort to prove that the dossier has not the source of the FISA warrants that allowed private citizens to be spied on by the federal government.

The Democratic leadership would have us ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton was directly involved in the unfounded accusations that are forwarded by the dossier, and Christopher Steele.