Lawmakers Call For DOJ Investigation

PUBLISHED: 7:50 PM 12 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 10:59 PM 12 Feb 2018

Lawmakers Call For AG Sessions To Begin Investigating FBI And DOJ

One representative points out that the agencies shouldn’t be investigating themselves.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) fears "this could become the next Benghazi, where Congress finds a bunch of bad facts and exposes them, but then no one faces any consequences."

The FBI and the Department of Justice simply cannot be allowed to investigate themselves. That would be like putting the rats in charge of the cheese.

Two independent congressional watchdog committees recently unmasked lawlessness in the senior-most ranks of the Department of Justice and the FBI. The allegations are so disturbing that they require the appointment of a second special counsel. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) stated, “More than two dozen Republicans have joined me in calling for it, and it is darn time that it happened.”

Representative Gaetz expects Jeff Sessions to stand up and “do his job” for the people of America.

“My expectation is the people of America will win,” Congressman Gaetz told viewers of “Watters’ World,” on Saturday. “That is going to require Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do his job. The FBI and the Department of Justice cannot investigate themselves and the evidence we’ve uncovered shows wrongdoing at the highest levels of those agencies.”

Rep. Gaetz noted that the freshly appointed Attorney General only stepped back from the Russia controversy last year out of an overabundance of caution, not because it was required. “There was no legal obligation for that recusal.”

Rep. Gaetz also insists that the previous recusal has nothing to do with the Attorney General’s authority to appoint a second special investigator. The focus of the new investigation would be entirely different.

“Here, the accusation is not against Russia. It is against the very agency that Jeff Sessions leads, the Department of Justice, and then some of the senior politicized leadership at the FBI. So, he could appoint that special counsel.”

Rep. Gaetz made a round of television appearances this weekend as Democrats anticipated the release of their propaganda “counter-memo” responding to the memo released by Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee.

Friday on “Outnumbered Overtime,” Gaetz warned that letting top-ranking Justice officials wiggle off the hook would turn into the “next Benghazi.”

“My fear is that this could become the next Benghazi, where Congress finds a bunch of bad facts and exposes them, but then no one faces any consequences. That’s why dozens of Republicans, and me, have called for a second special counsel.”

Also on Friday, Gaetz sat down in the liberal den of iniquity, “The Story,” where they were anxiously hoping to cut to a live announcement of the counter-memo’s release.

Rep. Gaetz pointed out that the two memos have totally different styles. “The Republican memo lays out a series of factual conclusions. The Democratic memo is heavily footnoted but the actual text of the memo largely deals with analysis and editorial opinions.”

The footnotes Democrats intentionally included, “cite to specific sources and methods that we use to collect intelligence.”

The Republican memo lays out verifiable facts, Gaetz explains, “The reason Devin Nunes wants to release the FISA application is because the substance of that application will support and buttress all of the claims in the Republican memo, and it will prove many of the claims that Adam Schiff has made are false.”

The uncorroborated “Steele dossier,” Gaetz relates, “was the fundamental basis for the warrant to spy on American citizens, and it was not accurate. The information in it was actually planted by Democratic operatives and funded by the Democratic Party.”

Gaetz notes the FISA court Judge who issued the Carter Page wiretap warrant should not be held primarily to blame.

“The reason I don’t blame the judge is that they can only rule on the information provided to them. And here, that information was either wrong or there were material omissions that were not included by the FBI and Department of Justice. That’s where the focus for reform should be.”

After they managed to drag Rep. Gaetz off the air, the show’s hosts tried to do some damage control but ended up having to explain the conservative side in order to defend it.

Host Martha MacCallum mentioned, “So, in terms of the FBI, Kim Strassel wrote a piece today in the Wall Street Journal. And she’s saying, you know, it shows that the FBI fell for the whole Steele package that was cooked up, she says, in London over the course of weeks that got dirt that somehow alluded the FBI, the CIA, and MI-6.”

“This Christopher Steele, years out of service, then brought it all to Jim Comey. And James Comey declared that this person was, “reliable” and that’s why they sort of bought what he had to say.”

Chairman Nunes continues to shake things up on Capitol Hill by demanding “more of the background on how the court arrived at their decision.”

Late last week, Nunes “asked the presiding judge of the secretive court to take the extraordinary step of turning over transcripts from the court.”

“The committee found that the FBI and DOJ failed to disclose specific political actors paying for uncorroborated information that formed a substantial part of the FISA application, misled the court regarding dissemination of this information and failed to correct these errors in the subsequent renewal,” Nunes wrote to the honorable Rosemary Collier.