Lawmaker Pushes Guns

PUBLISHED: 10:50 PM 16 Mar 2018

Lawmaker States Students Of Legal Age Should Be Able To Carry Guns At School

He believes this would help them protect everyone.

Ohio state lawmaker Rep. Niraj Antani wants the students to carry guns to school.

While the democrats are busy working around the clock to try and take guns for law-abiding citizens, one Ohio state lawmaker has a different plan for how to combat gun violence in schools and it involves arming students.

In fact, state Rep. Niraj Antani (R) argues that law-abiding students who are age 18 or older should be allowed to carry long guns in public high schools on the heels of the tragic Parkland shooting last month.

Antani went on to explain what the laws of the land mean and how they can be applied to help prevent future mass shootings in schools.

“The law is anybody above 21 can have a handgun and anybody above 18 can have a long gun, and so anyone who complies with the law should be able to carry and protect themselves,” Antani insisted.

The Ohio lawmaker even pointed out that is how people used to do things and there was no problem. Of course, at that time, our society and culture weren’t as sick as it is now.

“If you look at what happened many decades ago, people brought their firearms to school. They kept them in their cars, maybe, but there was not a problem,” he added.

However, instead of blaming mental illness and the absence of God in schools, the democrats want to blame an inanimate object, as if the guns think for themselves.

Antani made is point clear when he said that “anyone who is of age should be able to carry a firearm whenever they want.”

But he did add that there should be some limits when it comes carrying weapons onto private property.

“The only restriction I believe in is for private property,” Antani asserted.

After the shooting in South Florida that left over 15 people dead, many lawmakers and students are demanding Congress take action.

Lawmakers have spoken about banning “bump stocks,” a device used by the Las Vegas shooter, which many argue was a huge factor in how deadly that shooting was. But it is important to note that ban would have had no impact on the Parkland shooting.

Nonetheless, as Flordia Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out just hours after the shooting, people should not jump to the conclusion that some law could have prevented this senseless act of violence.

Rubio argued that gun laws only provide a false sense of security and ultimately take guns out of law-abiding citizens hands. Thus, leaving them defenseless against criminals with guns.

But the democrats have never cozied up to logic. They are run by their emotions and they want to see lawmakers take action, no matter how ineffective it is in the long run.

Some protesters even put up signs mocking Rubio for speaking the truth. This is just another example of the bullying tactics of America’s largest hate group. But at the end of the day, they ran the show for the past eight years and did not pass any gun safety legislation.

So why the big push now? Is it all just a show to appease the far-left before the 2018 midterms?

The gun control debate is typical after any shooting, but this time the students who survived the attack are old enough to speak out and they are also soon-to-be voters.

Students around American led a nationwide walkout this week as a form of protest against lawmakers who refuse to pass gun safety laws out of fear of making it harder for law-abiding citizens to gain access to firearms.

Many other ideas have also been proposed in the wake of the most recent school shooting. In fact, President Trump even introduced the idea of arming teachers and school staff so that they could defend their students if there was ever another attack.

However, many skeptics feel that putting more guns in schools is not the answer. Alas, continuing to wish that it doesn’t happen again is not an option.

Other ideas, such as metal detectors in schools and armed veterans have also been proposed. Both of which seem like a better option than taking guns from law-abiding citizens who just want the peace of mind to know that they can defend their families from criminals.

Perhaps it is time that the Centers for Disease Control lift its ban on researching the causes of gun violence so that the dems can finally understand that America does not have a gun problem, we have a culture problem.