PUBLISHED: 9:52 PM 30 Sep 2016

Lawmaker Passing Bill To Remove ALL Guns (Even Police) To “Reduce Crime”


If The Democrats Had Their Way, These Would Be Gone

The founding fathers of the United States of America knew what they were doing when they formed the Constitution. That particular item gave each branch of government the specific powers that we see today.

In addition to that, they decided to add the Bill of Rights, which are the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution. However among these first ten amendments, there is one that is consistently attacked by the Democrats.

The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to own a gun if they want. Now the Democrats can’t seem to accept that, as all of them are for strict gun control. They honestly believe that if they can take the guns out of the stores, then nobody is going to get them.


It’s Written Right Into The Constitution What Rights The Citizens Of The United States Have

Guess what? That type of logic doesn’t work. If people really want to get guns then they are going to go through illegal means to get them. Either they will steal them, buy them off of the black market, or anything else related to that.

However that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from continuing to think that way. In fact they are so dead set against guns that some of them want to see the police fork over their weapons as well. You read that correctly. Some Democrats want to see the men and women in blue protect this nation without the ability to protect themselves.

It’s one thing to tell the citizens of the United States that they can’t have weapons, but it is another thing to say that the police officers can’t have them. So who was the Democrat that first brought up this crazy idea?


They Want To Take Away Guns From Police Officers As Well

That would be Judge Kenneth Walker, a judge in Oregon. He first stated this during a murder trial when he actually blamed the gun for the death of a 24-year-old instead of the person that did it, which was Marcell Lee Daniel Jr.

The judge declared, “If I could, I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean.” Well except the Constitution prevents that. The most shocking thing about this is that Walker is a JUDGE. He rules based on the Constitution of the United States!

That means he should KNOW about the Second Amendment! If he doesn’t then there is no reason that he should continue to act as an interpreter of the Constitution of the United States.

The Second Amendment Is In Place To Protect Us From People Like Hillary Clinton

A Judge Should Know About The Second Amendment

But once again liberals are intent on trying to blame guns for every killing that involves them. The biggest problem is that the gun is an inanimate object. It literally cannot think, move, or act on its own. Therefore it is the people that need to be educated on how to use them.

But it is strange how the Democrats continue to blame guns for every death that happens. You don’t see them doing the same when it comes to diseases or car accidents. Here’s an example.

Someone decides to make the unfortunate decision to drink and drive. They eventually get into a car accident that kills them. Everyone eventually blames the accident on the decision to drink and drive. They make no mention of the car being to blame.

Another example includes someone who unfortunately doesn’t know when to stop eating and unfortunately passes due to obesity issues. Once again, people are blaming the person for their inability to stop eating and not the food itself.

So why does everything change when it involves guns? As soon as there is a mass shooting, people suddenly go “it’s the guns fault.” How is the gun to blame? It was the person that committed the act in the first place! Why is it that in the other two examples listed above they are blaming the person, but as soon as there is a gun involved they immediately blame the gun?

gun control1

This Literally Explains Gun Control The Best

However this Judge didn’t stop at just saying that people shouldn’t have guns. He took it one step further and said that NOBODY in the United States should have the right to own a gun. That includes the police force, security guards, secret service, etc. Absolutely no one should have the right to own a gun.

“There’s no defense to guns. There’s just absolutely no reason to have them.” You’re kidding right? There are reasons to have guns. People use them to protect themselves and their family members. People also use them in different sports.

gun control2

This Is What Would Happen If Guns Were Taken Away

One of the biggest reasons that people want guns is to be able to protect themselves. You want to take that right away from them? What happens if a criminal breaks into their house that has an illegally obtained gun? What are the people in the house going to do, call the police and pray that something bad doesn’t happen?

But wait; if this Judge had his way, then calling the police wouldn’t do any good because they would be in the same situation as the people that called the police in the first place. Then there would be more people in danger than before.

Basically this judge doesn’t seem to understand that the Constitution gives people the right to own a gun if they desire. But once again the Democrats are trying to do what they can to make sure that people don’t have that right.

Obama Continues To Try And Destroy Our Constitution

Democrats Continue To Ignore The Constitution

Share this article if you cannot believe that a person that makes his living interpreting the Constitution of the United States would actively say that nobody in the United States should have a gun. And he isn’t limiting it to just regular people. This judge doesn’t want police officers to have weapons either.

This is just further proof that the Democrats are actively ignoring the Constitution of the United States. Otherwise he wouldn’t have said something like this.