Chicago War Zone

PUBLISHED: 8:09 PM 10 Jun 2020

Latin Gangs Go Vigilante: Chicago Impotent So Street Gang Patrol To Stop Burning

This was inevitable, given the complete and utter incompetence of Chicago’s democrat leadership.

These gangs are protecting their neighborhoods from other gangs of social "activists." (Source: Jaime49 YouTube Screenshot)

Thanks to democrat leadership of Chicago, the city is burning, destruction is rampant, and police are overwhelmed. So how can people stop the massive rioting and looting? By taking vigilante action, apparently.

Latin Gangs are patrolling streets and neighborhoods in Chicago to prevent them from being destroyed by looters and rioters.

Legal Insurrection reported:

In the absence of elected leadership and in the face of police standing by and watching looting in Chicago, Latin gangs are protecting their local businesses and running would be looters out of their neighborhoods.  It’s hard to fault them for it, but do we really want street gangs acting as law enforcement?

Because that’s what we can expect in cities that are considering abolishing their police departments—remember, the leftist and anarchist protestors want the police abolished, it’s the political wing, the Democratic Party, that substituted “defund” and is now walking even that back because it’s so vastly unpopular among their own voters.

Create a vacuum, and it will be filled.  In Chicago’s Hispanic neighborhoods, the Latin Kings and other street gangs are reportedly stepping up and doing what their elected officials and police departments have not been able to do: protecting their neighborhood businesses from arsonists and looters.

These are alleged street gangs, so this video comes with a heavy-duty LANGUAGE WARNING:

Here’s another video in which the alleged gang members appear to have created a checkpoint and are refusing entry to anyone not from the neighborhood.

At one point, one person says on audio that anyone who doesn’t need to be there, should stay home, “We ain’t lettin’ nobody in this bitch.”  [LANGUAGE WARNING]:

There is a line, of course, and while these gang members are clearly motivated to protect their neighborhood, its people as well as its businesses, this should not be on them to do.  But what choice is there?  Let it burn?  Let their friends and families have their livelihoods destroyed?

After all, it seems that some looters feel entitled to loot and rob and have a meltdown when confronted by armed people protecting stores.

Warning ⚠️ language- woman upset she can’t loot store because…. the rant is hysterical 😂🤣

— Karli Q ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@KarluskaP) June 7, 2020

Hilariously, she takes her complaint to . . . the police.  I can’t loot this store because these people are guarding it with guns.  You can’t make this stuff up, and I hope it turns out to be a parody video of some kind.

While this part of the story doesn’t fit the left’s narrative and is being largely ignored by mainstream media outlets still pretending the rampant rioting, looting, arson, and murder are “peaceful protests” for a good cause, some are complaining that these Latin gangs, who are in their own neighborhoods, are harassing black Chicagoans who venture into Latino neighborhoods.

Latino leaders are calling for unity after Black Chicagoans have been harassed and had bricks thrown at their cars in some Latino neighborhoods.

On Sunday afternoon, Little Village neighbors came together to protect 26th Street businesses after people looted shops. Ald. Michael Rodriguez (22nd) said as the night went on, a few Latino men became “antagonistic” and were indiscriminately targeting Black people driving through the neighborhood.

. . . .  In a Facebook Live video shot at 50th and Cermak in Cicero at 7 p.m. Monday, groups of people with bats and metal pipes were gathering near the intersection.

“Non-Black, Latinx gangs [are] armed with bats, machetes,” said Luz Chavez, who shot the video. “Any car that passes by with Black people in it, they are yelling at it and throwing s—,” she said.

Chavez, founder of online magazine Gozamos, urged Black people to “stay out of Cicero.”

That’s good advice, and I dare say it applies to antifa pukes, as well.

The Chicago Tribune ran a story on it, as well.

The organizing efforts of some Latino groups to peacefully protest and help protect their communities from unrest were quickly overshadowed by racial tensions after reports that alleged Latino gang members were profiling and targeting black people in Little Village earlier this week.

. . . . But Sunday things changed. Looting began to spread to Chicago neighborhoods and Little Village residents rallied together to stand guard in front of neighborhood businesses and on street corners.

A crowd on 26th Street grew throughout the day after looters attempted to hit some businesses in the heart of the Mexican-American neighborhood. Residents and police intervened and halted the chaos.

Shortly after, leaders of New Life Community Church, who have been working to reduce violence in the area for years, helped to organize residents to guard the streets and to help keep the peace. Elizeth Arguelles, a tamale seller and activist, walked the whole 26th Street corridor to check on street vendors who were shutting down early because they feared violence in the neighborhood.

Alleged gang members joined in the effort to stand guard.

After several social media posts were widely shared showing alleged gang members in Little Village and Cicero attacking black people in those neighborhoods, people began labeling the situation a race war. More posts advised black Chicagoans to avoid “Mexican neighborhoods” because Latinos were profiling and targeting them as looters.

The radical left still fails to understand the basic facts about human nature.  You can’t unleash rabid mobs bent on violence, arson, looting, and mayhem and then expect a calm, rational, politically-correct response.  They also don’t seem to understand that Latinos are generally far more conservative than they are and will not put up with their crazy.

It appears that the race war pushed by the left has begun in earnest.