We Need To Secure Our Border

PUBLISHED: 11:04 PM 8 Feb 2018

Landmines, Military Equipment Discovered In Cartel’s Possession In Mexican Border City

This is exactly why we need Trump's border wall.

This is not good.

Mexican military officials busted a violent drug cartel operating along the United States southern border who were in possession of American explosive landmines, military equipment, and a massive weapons cache.

During their military raid, Mexican officials said the Gulf Cartel was on the verge of carrying out a large-scale attack.

Warning that the group has been carrying out numerous violent attacks for months, Mexican officials worry the group now plans to use their military-style weapons cache for a large-scale attack.

Further confirming how badly we need President Donald Trump’s border wall, the violent gang has grown so powerful that Mexico deployed thousands of Mexican soldiers and police officers to the border to fight the group.

In their operation, Mexican officials found a massive weapons storage hidden in the Rio Grande.

According to information provided to Breitbart, the Mexican Army found Claymores, grenades, Russian-made RPGs, a grenade launcher, two Barrett .50 caliber rifles, 17 AK-47 rifles, ballistic plates, a massive stockpile of ammunition, and weapon magazines.

The Gulf Cartel has flourished along the southern border from their lucrative human smuggling and drug trafficking operations that allow them to travel into Texas merely undetected.

Because of former President Barack Obama’s lax immigration policies, Mexican cartel groups like the Gulf Cartel now possess military-style weapons and have the power to carry out violent attacks.

President Donald Trump has been warning about the threat of our open southern border for years, yet liberals have largely refused to offer funding for a wall to keep Americans safe.

Securing our border and using our resources to take out violent gangs are the only way to keep the American people feel safer.

This gang not only possess military-style weapons and equipment, but they currently have the ability to enter our nation and carry out an attack on innocent Americans.

We must do everything we can to keep our nation and citizens safe — and that’s exactly what Trump has been trying to do.

Source: Breitbart