Dangerous Illegal Criminal Released By Hospital

PUBLISHED: 1:28 AM 13 Feb 2018

Lack Of Communication Blamed For Illegal Criminal Being Released From Hospital

The hospital would not cooperate and released him before ICE could arrive.

Police were not notified of his release until it was too late.

Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center and ridiculous restrictions placed on Immigration and Customs Enforcement led to the release of an illegal immigrant who would later murder his cousin, chop him up into pieces, stuff the pieces in a suitcase and drop it at a Tukwila apartment complex.

It all started last year when Rosalio Ramos-Ramos was arrested for possession of methamphetamine when Kent Police found him with a pipe and some drugs. Once the illegal immigrant made it to the Kent Jail, he became increasingly belligerent and began to fight officers when they tried to fingerprint him.

The deranged man did not want officers to learn his identity and resisted their efforts before the situation turned into an all-out brawl. Five officers were injured by the illegal immigrant before the subject would be subdued, albeit with a head injury.

The illegal alien had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. Harborview Hospital found the illegal immigrant to be combative to the point they were forced to place him in a medically induced coma for the protection of their staff and other patients.

Once the illegal was comatose, police were able to accurately identify Ramos-Ramos. Their records would reveal he had been deported from the United States four times and he was a convicted felon.

Once police logged in the illegal immigrant by his name, he was picked up on ICE’s radar.

ICE contacted the Kent police department and asked them to keep tabs on the violent illegal, and that they could not arrest him because he was in a sensitive location.

According to some absurd law, ICE agents are not allowed to arrest illegal aliens in certain places. They call them, sensitive locations, and include schools, churches and apparently hospitals. The only way ICE can enter these locations to make an arrest is if there are exigent circumstances.

Having methamphetamine, injuring five officers, and having to be forced into a medically induced coma is somehow not pressing enough circumstances for ICE to be able to go into a hospital and arrest an illegal alien.

Kent police nonetheless attempted to do as ICE instructed and keep tabs on the violent felon.

Harborview hospital staff were uncooperative with officers, however, and neglected to provide them with accurate, and up to date information surrounding the status of the illegal alien in their care, such as when he came out of a coma, and when he was set to be released.

Harborview released the illegal alien and officers were not notified until a day after his release. The hospital contends that the illegal alien should have been under constant police supervision while at the hospital if he was supposed to remain in custody.

Ramos-Ramos’s brother went to his apartment and found a shower curtain drenched with blood and a bathroom covered in the deep red liquid.

Fearing his brother may have murdered someone, he called the police to conduct a welfare check on his brother at his Tukwila apartment.

The very next day a woman who lived in the complex called police after she found an abandoned suitcase that had been sitting there for days, filled with cut up human body parts. When police arrived, they searched the area and found a butcher knife and cloths related to the incident.

The body in the suitcase was that of the illegal immigrant’s cousin, Pedro Venegas-Ramos. Police returned to the apartment of Ramos-Ramos and took him into custody for second-degree murder.

It appears this man’s entire family has crossed over into the United States, but it is unreported how many of them are illegal.

Police found Ramos-Ramos to be in possession of a fraudulent green card and appeared to have used multiple aliases and birth dates in previous contacts with law enforcement.

If ICE was capable of entering the hospital to apprehend this violent migrant, or if the hospital had been more cooperative with Kent Police, or if the officers who took him into custody last year would have stayed at the hospital to detain him after his release, this murder could have been prevented.

Instead of trying to remedy the obstacles which make deporting illegal aliens more difficult for law enforcement, Washington makes it more dangerous for ICE. The state currently has 18 sanctuary counties and their capital Seattle is also a sanctuary city, with policies specifically in place to protect illegals.