Resort Or Missile Tests, Kim Jong-Un Wants Both

PUBLISHED: 11:41 PM 26 Jan 2018

Kim Jong-Un Plans North Korea Resort In Missile Test Area

This could be the world’s most dangerous “resort.”

Is this for real?

When a nation is as strange and brutal as North Korea is, few things that they do shock anyone. When it is remembered how awfully foolish and out of touch their leadership is, this is even truer. However, any nation conflicted enough to parade nuclear weapons threateningly to South Korea only days before joining the nation for a peaceful Olympic march (as they are planning) is capable of shocking even the unmoveable.

Taking stupidity to new heights (even for them), North Korea has announced a “world-level” tourist project that places those coming to enjoy the paradise-like environment right in the fallout area of nuclear bomb testing! As the Sun tells us, this is one place to travel and “have a blast,” perhaps literally.

Not since the U.S. allowed John Wayne and a film crew to make “The Conquerer” in the bomb site of the Cold War has an idea been so ill planned. After all, virtually everyone who worked on that movie died of cancer or radiation caused symptoms of some kind, including “The Duke” himself.

Perhaps North Korea is trying to thin the numbers of those starving. Maybe they want to make human shields out of vacationers so that the U.S. and others cannot attack testing sites without killing innocent families. When they have a whole country to choose from and they pick this one toxic spot, any reasoning seems possible since all reason appears lost.

The coastal Kangwon province is the North Korean getaway destination that is to be a reality. The Sun suggests that this move is to make the D.P.R.K. appear “normal” when it comes to tourism. Furthermore, it would imply that the sanctions and travel restrictions are not hurting them any, a fact that many already know to be untrue.

That still does not answer why North Korean leaders picked one of the most caustic areas to do this strutting on the world stage.

KCNA, the state-run news outlet, said “When the tourist area is built, it will satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign tourists and will be the most ideal place to link various tourist destinations to the Wonsan-Mt Kumgang international tourist zone” in a statement.

Perhaps their slogan can be, “Come and stay at Kangwon where you and your wife can snuggle by the warm glow of dog,” as one comedian had said about those staying in Belarus after the Russian Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

North Korea feels that a poison-filled vacation spot will put them on a “world level” when it comes to travel as people enjoy a “famous sandy beach.” When cancer victims start cropping up like travel postcards, they will be “famous,” but not for the reasons which they had hoped for!

Experts have said that “tourism is an important part of Kim’s plans to boost the North Korean economy,” yet this is as badly thought out as the nations drafts for bomb testing. All that this is going to do it make the Hermit Kingdom look even more foolish than they do now.

Yes, that is possible, it seems.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Sun