PUBLISHED: 8:55 PM 21 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:03 PM 21 Dec 2017

Key NATO Country Completely Bereft As Serious Concerns Raised Over Lack Of Force

The NATO Defense Minister (pictured) uttered quite the understatement.

The NATO Defense Minister (pictured) uttered quite the understatement.

From time to time, a story hits the news that is vital far beyond anything else being reported on, and yet somehow, no one is reporting on it. NATO is all that many people think keeps Russia from snatching up E.U. land like Christ Christie at Christmas buffet and the Conservative Tribune is reporting that “Germany, a key NATO ally, should have one of the best submarine fleets in the entire world….” but not one of the is currently working!

Worse still, it is said that “NATO is nearly defenseless.” When one remembers how angered Vladimir Putin was over NATO weapons on his doorstep in the name of combating terror, this is terrible news. RT informs us that “Germany is equipped with six cutting-edge Type 212A  submarines, yet none of them are functioning.

Five of the subs were taken “out of order” earlier this year. How any military mind could find that removing five submarines at one time was a steadfast and intelligent move in today’s world is anyone’s guess.

Merkel (pictured) faces a lot of Germans and NATO members who are asking what their military leaders are thinking.

Making matters worse, in October, “the rudder hit a rock and sustained serious damage” to the remaining working submarine. The world knew that Angela Merkel was a leader of limited scope and vision, but according to these facts, there is no real leadership in all of Deutschland.

The Associated Press reveals that Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen confessed that this is “obviously not a good situation.” With that admission, the greatest understatement of 2017 may have been uttered.

Defense News makes the story even more unsettling as they confirm that it may be halfway into 2018 before NATO can properly defend itself. By then, if Putin chooses to, he could own great swaths of land while the submarine mechanics are still twisting their wrenches.

Since the Cold War ended, Germany foolishly no longer has any parts for their subs, so this has created a terrible logjam that rolls out the welcome carpet for anyone who wants to test NATO defenses for any reason.

If Putin (pictured) were to chose now to act against NATO, the world would be left with few options.

This story is arming to everyone who understands just what it means. Certainly, the effectiveness of NATO can be called into question for a great number of reasons. Their toiling on the border of Russia is one bone of contention and there are many more.

However, as Trump said about the United Nations, it is the system that we currently have, for better or for worse. It seems that, with the shields apparently down in Germany, it is for the worse.

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