Kentucky Judge Sentenced To Prison For Human Trafficking

PUBLISHED: 12:04 AM 13 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 9:59 PM 23 Feb 2018

Kentucky Judge Learns Fate Following Disturbing Abuse Of Power

He received his sentence after pleading guilty to horrific crimes dating all the way back to 2004.

Just recently, Tim Nolan, a 71-year-old former judge in Campbell County, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in human trafficking over the past 14 years.

Just recently, a Kentucky judge pleaded guilty to participating in human trafficking over the past 14 years. As a consequence, he was fined $1,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

This, however, is actually just a mere slap on the wrist considering the fact that he’ll be eligible for parole in just four years and that he could’ve possibly gotten up to 100 years behind bars if the case had gone to trial.

Specifically, Judge Kathleen Lape sentenced Tim Nolan, a 71-year-old former judge in Campbell County, to spend 20 years in state prison earlier this week after he pleaded guilty to “21 counts of trafficking women and young girls in the sex trade industry” dating all the way back to 2004.

According to reports, Nolan admitted to paying some of his victims with “heroin and painkillers in exchange for sex,” threatening at least one victim who lived on his property with eviction “unless sex acts were performed,” and “threatening some victims with arrest.”

Unsurprisingly, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear was pleased with the outcome of the case. “The punishment, in this case, does not undo the trauma inflicted on the victims, but it brings closure and some justice,” reasoned Beshear in a statement released shortly after the ruling.

“I want to thank the Campbell County Police Department and our special prosecutions team for working this case,” he added.

In defense of Nolan, his attorney Margo Grubbs released a statement of her own suggesting that the current change in “power differential between men and women” could be the reason why he pleaded guilty.

By saying this, Grubbs is essentially referring to the way the “Me Too” movement empowers women and makes it harder for innocent men to prove they did do nothing wrong.

“I’m saying the underlying facts as alleged by victims do not necessarily equate to what really happened, because we all know in life there are two sides to every story,” she explained.

“The sad part of it is, often times the criminal defendant finds themselves at an insurmountable obstacle in order to prove complete innocence,” continued Grubbs, adding, “Mr. Nolan has been a public servant to the people of Campbell County for a majority of his life, and at some point there has to be a redemption for those who committed offenses but has to be balanced by what they have given.”

Sadly, the sexual abuse and exploitation of others isn’t uncommon. For example, several days ago, a man from Montgomery County, Texas was found guilty of repeated child sex abuse. As a consequence, he was given four life sentences.

Specifically, U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Hamilton condemned 38-year-old David Vincent Akins, Jr. to a life in prison earlier this week shortly after a jury found him guilty of “four counts of aggravated sexual assault” for repeatedly raping a 3-month-old baby.

According to reports, officers first learned of the disturbing abuse back in 2016. Around that time, Akins’ landlord discovered homemade videos of him sexually abusing what appeared to be a 3-month-old baby and handed them over to the police. Investigators then analyzed the videos and confirmed that the person abusing the young child was Akins and promptly took him into custody.

Shockingly, the 3-month-old child isn’t Akin’s only victim. “There were a lot of other victims,” stated Mary Nan Huffman, the Chief of the Internet Crimes Against Children Division in the District Attorney’s Office, while speaking to reporters.

To clarify, she added, “Akins went to juvenile detention when he was 14 years old for raping his 5-year-old sister. And when that happened, his other sister came forward with sexual assault allegations stating he had raped her since she was 3 years old. Both sisters testified during this trial, which was very powerful.”

In addition to his two sisters, investigators learned that Akins also repeatedly preyed on the children of single mothers. “He was very manipulative and good at picking his victims, which is what happened in this case,” explained Huffman, who was unsurprisingly thrilled with the judge’s decision.

A few weeks before that, the O’Fallon Police Department arrested 17-year-old Andrew Spensberger after his father turned him in for possessing child pornography, which he found out about after confiscating the teen’s phone.

And prior to that, officers with the Pope County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ronnie Lynn Gipson, a 45-year-old man from Atkins, Arkansas, and charged with “rape” after he allegedly acknowledged online that he sexually abused a young girl repeatedly over the course of roughly eight years.

According to reports, investigators first learned about the abuse, which began when the victim was four and ended when she was about 12-years-old, after receiving information from the U.S. Air Force Special Investigations Office “concerning a report they had received from a female who is an active duty member.” They then reached out to the victim and organized an online sting operation, and promptly took him into custody.

Anyone who sexually assaults or exploits another person must be punished as harshly as possible. Unfortunately, though, this didn’t happen with Nolan. Because of this, countless people may be in danger if he ever ends up getting released from prison.