Kavanaugh CNN History

PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM 10 Jul 2018

Kavanaugh’s CNN Favorable Ruling Haunts Liberals

He ruled in favor of the news organization just last year.

Democrats infuriated with President Trump's SCOTUS nominee have seemingly forgotten that Kavanaugh once ruled in CNN's favor.

Democrats have been losing their minds over President Donald Trump’s recent U.S. Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, ready to oppose his selection before he even made one. While their fears lie in the fact that an ultra-conservative judge would make the Supreme Court overall more likely to favor republican values in SCOTUS cases, recently nominated Circuit Judge for the D.C. Court of Appeals, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, once voted in favor of President Trump’s least favorite ‘news’ organization, CNN.

Yet in further proving outrageous ignorance and intolerance, CNN and the rest of the left have been suspiciously silent despite that Judge Kavanaugh favored the fake news network in a ‘labor relations’ case. This not only shows President Trump’s admirable acceptance of a Supreme Court nominee who does not share every one of his views, but also haunts democrats who repeatedly inflict hate upon the right, even towards a conservative judge who once ruled justly in their favor.

In 2017, CNN employed workers at an “outside company” for technical work but later “decided to move those services in-house.”

The National Labor Relations Board, on behalf of the employees with their associated union, sued CNN, claiming ‘unfair labor practices’ and that they had been discriminated against.

The network subsequently lost two cases in lower courts which ruled that because CNN was a ‘joint employer,’ it was obligated to fulfill its signed union contract, and that in becoming a ‘successive employer,’ it was acting discriminatorily against the workers.

However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit partially overturned the ruling.

Judge Merrick Garland represented two of the justices in the “three-judge panel,” determining that CNN was not a joint employer, but was a successive employer which had violated union protections and “discriminated against union employees.”

Yet Judge Kavanaugh continually strongly considered CNN’s union responsibilities and “issued a partial concurrence and a partial dissent,” agreeing “that CNN was not a joint employer” while then ruling that the company “did not discriminate against union workers as a successive employer.”

Had Kavanaugh not issued such a dissent, the partial CNN victory would have stood, along with the claims that it had discriminated against the workers.

His dissent was based on the test as to whether CNN is considered a successive employer “under the traditional test and not under the discrimination test.”

A traditional test determining CNN to be such an employer, Kavanaugh said, would require the corporation “to bargain with the union going forward.” In a more realistic scenario, Kavanaugh defended the organization based on the consequence that it would be facing “tens of millions of dollars in pay to former [Team Video Services, or] TVS employees.”

The ruling admittedly benefited CNN, but more importantly, showed that Republican Judge Kavanaugh was able to put any political opinions regarding the network aside.

Judicially, this is admirable, yet his unbiased demeanor is obviously expected of federal judges.

While the liberal news should be using this case to its advantage in an attempt to portray Kavanaugh as a traitor who favored the network which continually trashed President Trump and then pledged his support to him, such is far above democrats’ tolerance capacity.

Instead, they have upheld their ridiculous promise to oppose President Trump’s SCOTUS judge decision simply for being republican.

CNN, which should be grateful for Kavanaugh’s bipartisan ruling, has taken an entirely different approach in condemning the recent selection.

On Tuesday morning, following President Trump’s announcement, CNN released a story titled ‘Kavanaugh Pick Was Scripted End To Trump’s Reality Show’ despite that the judge ruled in favor of CNN, a legal decision which some considered insulting to the Trump administration.

Making itself appear even more fake news-worthy and ignorant, CNN is portraying the news as if it was unaware of Kavanaugh’s previously expressed fairness in claiming that he is part of President Trump’s alleged schemes and scandals.

Thankfully, upon further investigation into Kavanaugh’s prior rulings, democrats who once worshipped CNN may finally realize the network’s corruptness.

This is significant considering the media’s expected plans to spread leftist politicians’ lies as they vote against appointing Judge Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court.

Such is further victorious if this proves to be another necessary revelation as to CNN’s and other extreme left media outlets’ less-than-credible reporting which is skewing stories and further dividing the country’s political parties.

Even more so, while conservatives are generally favoring Kavanaugh as President Trump’s selection, they can also celebrate a judicial nominee who considers the law in his rulings, even if such once favored CNN.

Democrats, of course, will not appreciate this honesty and unbiasedness, as they have repeatedly demonstrated their clear disregard for federal laws and the Constitution in failing to protect associated liberties.

Given the currently raging political climate, a Supreme Court judge capable of doing so is exactly what the U.S. needs as the left attempts to destroy the nation with liberal rulings.