Classmate Defends Judge

PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM 17 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:55 PM 17 Sep 2018

Kavanaugh’s Accuser Unveiled By Classmate

The accuser came forward to claim that he had 'attacked' her, but others have said that the judge would never do such a thing.

Kavanaugh's accuser has been unveiled, and it raised more questions than it answered.

Last week, the Senate confirmation hearings concerning Brett Kavanaugh showed signs that they were likely to become a political spectacle, especially when leftist California Senator Dianne Feinstein made vague claims about an allegation of sexual misconduct in the judge’s past. It looked even worse when it was revealed that democrats had the letter detailing these allegations since at least July. According to some reports, she also deleted her social media accounts around the same time, giving rise to the belief that the whole episode is a carefully crafted democrat set up.

In a shocking revelation, however, the woman who penned this note, who claimed she wanted to remain ‘anonymous,’ came forward to reiterate her complaint and reveal her story. However, a classmate present at the supposed ‘attack’ has come forward, delivering a bombshell about the real story.

It turns out Kavanaugh’s accuser is a leftist with a history of political activism, adding more wood to the speculative fire concerning the veracity or her claim.

The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, claimed that Judge Kavanaugh and a friend, Mark Judge, cornered her in a bedroom during a party 35 years ago.

She said that Kavanaugh pushed her into the room and onto her bed, then began to grope her and even attempted to pull her one-piece bathing suit off.

Ford even went so far as to claim that she thought he might “inadvertently kill” her, and that he tried to attack her and rip off her clothing.

She claimed that she got away when Judge jumped on top of Kavanaugh and sent the trio tumbling.

According to her account, she then rushed to a bathroom and locked herself in, but fled the house shortly after, and said nothing about her ordeal until 2012, during a marriage counseling session.

Obviously, the nominee to the United States Supreme Court unequivocally denied the allegations. His friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School, Mark Judge, also denied what Ford said.

He said that now that the anonymous complainant had revealed herself, he has no recollections of the events “attributed to her letter.”

Many people recognize the insidiousness of the claim, because there is very little evidence to support it.

The only ‘evidence’ is the word of the leftist psychology professor, recorded notes from her marriage counseling session in 2012, and, supposedly, the results of a lie detector test she took in August, 2018.

Of course, Ford has received a PhD in Education Psychology and has spent her entire life in the field, so she likely understands that polygraphs do not determine whether or not someone is lying, but rather if they can (or cannot) lie without raising their heartbeat (a simple skill to acquire).

There’s also the fact that the transcripts do not mention Kavanaugh or Judge by name, but rather said that she was attacked by students from an “elitist boys’ school” who eventually became high-ranking member of “society in Washington.”

Even before Ford, a leftist, openly declared that it was her letter and her claim, Mr. Judge said that the claim was “absolutely nuts,” and that he had never seen Kavanaugh act in such a manner.

Although Senator Feinstein decided to sit on the accusation and the letter that contained it until September, democrats had the letter in their possession as early as July, shortly after the candidate to the Supreme Court was announced.

In the #metoo age, many seem to think a claim is as good as evidence or a conviction. Even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to investigate the letter, and instead referred it to the White House and to the state in which the crime allegedly occurred, some leftists have claimed that there should be an investigation.

The timing certainly seems almost entirely contrived in an attempt to undermine the confirmation process, and seems to be the latest of a number of planned attempts to ensure that Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t become a SCOTUS justice.

Ford hired Debra Katz to represent her legal interests in the manner. Katz has a long history of representing left-wing causes and individuals.

The claim was followed by demands from democrats in the Senate who wanted to postpone the vote on Kavanaugh.

If they could accomplish that, it would be much easier to make the case for simply never voting on him. Leftists could show the postponement as if it suggested some sort of actual veracity to the claim made against the judge.

However, multiple rounds of background checks for the lawyer, who worked in the George W. Bush White House and eventually as judge on the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C., never managed to turn up any evidence of such horrific wrongdoing.

It is not likely that Republicans will yield to the blatantly partisan nature of these claims.