Dem Investigated

PUBLISHED: 10:12 PM 26 Nov 2018

Kavanaugh ‘Statement’ Haunts Dem As Misconduct Being Investigated

In yet another example of democrat misconduct, Eric Bauman, who called Brett Kavanaugh a 'lying predator,' is being investigated for sexual misconduct allegations.

The Chairman of the Democratic Party in California called Brett Kavanaugh a 'lying predator,' without proof, but now this dem is being investigated for a number of sexual misconduct allegations with staff members.

The California Democratic Party is investigating their Chairman Eric Bauman for unspecified allegations of sexual misconduct towards female staff members.

In a statement released Saturday, Bauman confirmed he was being investigated, but carefully avoided the allegations, basically explaining that an independent counsel had been hired.

“I look forward to putting these allegations behind us and moving forward as unified Democrats,” Bauman claimed.

Of course, this is the same man who scathingly accused Brett Kavanaugh of vile behavior, without any proof. So some people think that having the same thing happen to him seems like divine justice.

He also tried to start a boycott of a famous burger eatery, even though they donated to democrats, because of the harmless religious message on their products.

Here’s what Bauman said during the confirmation:

“The Republican Party has no shame and no soul. Todays vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh is nothing less than an assault on every woman in America. It shows the Republican Party is utterly devoid of humanity and decency…

The United States Senate has disgraced itself today. Its up to the millions of Americans who are feeling righteous anger including the millions of survivors of sexual violence who have been violated all over again today to rise up and defeat every single Republican who betrayed our Country by voting to confirm this lying predator to the Supreme Court…

‘Righteous anger?’ Perhaps that’s what his alleged victims feel?

Why does Bauman get to call Kavanaugh a ‘lying predator,’ without a single shred of proof against him, but somehow, Bauman is innocent of the allegations?

They must be pretty glaring to actually warrant an independent investigation… if the investigators are really independent.

Either way, many people agree, this sort of hypocrisy and double standard is par for democrats, who think they are immune to prosecution, while they slander others.