Ford Yearbooks Scrubbed

PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM 20 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:02 PM 20 Sep 2018

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Yearbooks Vanish From Internet

The woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh's yearbooks were suddenly scrubbed from the internet right after she went public.

The woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct's yearbooks were scrubbed from the internet.

For the last few days, the top story in the mainstream media in the United States, the story on everyone’s lips, has been the ongoing claim that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman when she was 15(ish) and he was 17. This story lurched into the national spotlight when Dianne Feinstein revealed the contents of a letter she had in her possession since July, just as a confirmation vote was nearing.

Eventually, Christine Blasey Ford identified herself as the author of the letter, and came forward with her claims, and even demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate them (they declined). However, questions arose surrounding her claims and circumstances, including why school yearbooks with her in them somehow vanished from internet archives. Perhaps it’s because those books included racist themes and references to things like “boys, beer, and ‘the Zoo,'” which would have made Ford look even more questionable.

According to the ‘Cult of the First Amendment,’ high school yearbooks containing Mrs. Ford suddenly disappeared from the internet on Monday, September 17.

This statement was uttered by a person who had read the yearbooks, online, only days before, as the allegations against Kavanaugh became news.

Perhaps the books were scrubbed due to the content, and the way it portrayed Ford and the other girls of Holton-Arms, which made them seem like, as one writer put it, “Drunken White Privileged Racist Playgirls.”

The yearbooks contained a number of references to drunken parties and how the students enjoyed the mind-numbing, obliterating power of alcohol.

These yearbooks, therefore, should be considered relevant to the current “high-tech media lynching,” to borrow a phrase from United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of Brett Kavanaugh.

The media has suggested that Kavanaugh’s yearbooks are fair game, after all. Why not Ford’s?

These yearbooks are every bit as sordid and morally questionable as the yearbooks that the media repeatedly discussed on air.

The yearbooks in question, which included Christine “Chrissy” Blasey, are titled “SCRIBE,” and the relevant issues are SCRIBE 82, 83, and 84.

In these books, the official, sponsored, yearbooks for Holton-Arms, which included advertising paid for by parents of children at the school, were brazen discussions and boasts of activities that modern schoolmasters would be appalled by.

In a picture in SCRIBE 83, ‘Chrissy’ was pictured at Halloween during that year (her junior year). The caption mentioned “striving to extend” the educational ‘experience’ beyond the confines of the classroom, by playing drinking games.

The games they mentioned were quarters and Mexican dice.

Quarters generally involved bouncing a quarter (or silver dollar or half-dollar, depending on the player preference) into a shot glass or rocks glass. When a player or team managed to score, the other players or team(s) took a drink.

‘Mexican Dice,’ also known as ‘Mexico,’ ‘Liar’s Dice,’ or ‘The Mexican,’ is also a drinking game, based around dice and strategy.

The third game they mentioned was ‘Pass-Out,’ which was not a drinking game of the time, but rather seemed like a reference to the inevitable end to a night of hard drinking.

Blasey claimed that the alleged assault occurred in the Summer of 1982, which means that this Halloween party, which showed her dressed up for a party, would have been a scant sixteen months after the attack she claimed was emotionally scarring.

Another page showed a sophomore Holton-Arms party, complete with a male dancer in a gold G-string.

The pages of SCRIBE 82, a particularly wild year, make multiple references to alcohol, underage drinking, and glorified drinking, ‘boys’, and the almost Animal House-esque atmosphere of the local party scene.

Other passaged described drunken keg parties thrown while parents were out of town.

SCRIBE 83 even included a picture of the young men from Georgetown Preparatory School, and talked about how the images of underage youths with bottles of beer and liquor in hand represented one of the ‘calmer’ parties thrown by the “Holton Party Scene.”

The pages of their yearbooks even included numerous racist themes, such as insulting an African-American classmate by saying that during a party, she washed off her makeup and afro before the boys showed up.

The girls of Holton also provided a reminder that Islamic terrorism existed back then as well, when they captioned an image of two women wearing burqas and carrying plastic pistols by calling them a pair of “veiled terrorists.”

The SCRIBE series of yearbooks even included racy shots of young girls dressed as playboy bunnies, posed provocatively, and even openly bragging about praying on the “freshness of innocence” of younger boys in the area.

Indeed, the books seemed to praise the pursuit of “boys, beer, and ‘the Zoo.'”

Why did these yearbooks disappear from the internet?

Perhaps because they portrayed Ford, and her classmates, in a way that would undermine her usefulness as a political pawn to thwart the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Maybe it’s the same reason that her social media accounts were carefully groomed before she went public?

It seems that the “high-tech lynching” Thomas mentioned is just becoming more high-tech and more easily controlled.