Griffin Rant

PUBLISHED: 3:33 PM 18 Jun 2018

Kathy Griffin Attacks The First Lady, Mistake Included

The word "feckless" must be in liberal marching orders

Kathy Griffin (pictured) has managed to dig herself in even deeper with her mindless comments on Twitter.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgarities which may be offensive to some readers.

Comedian Kathy Griffin has never been an A-list comedian. In fact, she’s pathetically hung on to scant fame, and recently America did not find her terrorist ‘joke’ featuring President Donald Trump’s mock bloody head in her hands amusing. The Daily Caller has just reported that she has learned nothing from her public scorn and has just attacked First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter.

Regarding the idea of separating children from illegal immigrant parents (who had no business sneaking into the nation), Griffin tweeted, “F**k you, Melanie. You know damn well your husband can end this immediately…you feckless complicit piece of sh*t.” Obviously, this is the ranting of a rather miserable, pathetic person, who can’t even spell the first lady’s name correctly.

What this so-called entertainer misses is the fact that this democrat law concerning separating children from parents has been in place since 1989, so it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. He, like a excellent executive, is enforcing the law.

Criminals get separated from their kids every day in courtrooms all over America for breaking the law. Why shouldn’t illegal aliens who break the law see the same fate? Uncle Sam can’t jail the children, they did not break the law, their parents did.

The mindless tweet was posted after the First Lady issued a statement saying, “Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. [The First Lady] believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with a heart.”

Samantha Bee, another Hollywood liberal who desired to score points with rabid anti-Trump left wrote that America’s First Lady was a “feckless c**t,” clearly with marching orders to use the same word just to try and stand out.

All of this may be designed to shock, but this isn’t 1950 anymore. America is used to the vulgar language of some people. These vulgar rants only shame the idiots who say it.

For that matter, the average hip-hop song cusses more before the first chorus than these comedians have enough characters for on Twitter.

These comments show just how pathetic and desperate those on the left are, and that they will do anything to sway the swelling support of President Donald Trump.

In no time at all, they will be throwing their toys.