State Closes Schools

PUBLISHED: 4:38 PM 18 Mar 2020

Kansas Closes Schools For The Rest Of The School Year

Remote access will allow some students to complete the year.

Closings continue to lengthen. (Source: 41 Action News YouTube Screenshot)

Online learning is an option that many people, over the past few years, have embraced. As a way to avoid the dangers of public schools, online classrooms, tests and assignments are effective, and many people argue that so much of the problems that plague the public schools could be eliminated by a massive reform that incorporates online learning.

As coronavirus concerns continue, the state of Kansas is looking at that option for the rest of the school year. Governor Laura Kelly announced yesterday that all public schools would be closed for the remaining year and that classes will be held remotely.

Fox News reported:

While at least 70 percent of all public schools have shut their doors in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Kansas is the first to announce such a sweeping response. However, many states have floated the possibility of schools remaining closed for the rest of the academic year. Many universities have already announced plans to hold classes remotely for the rest of the spring semester.

“I am ordering all K-12 to close and cease in-person instruction for the duration of the 2019-2020 semester,” Kelly said, according to Fox 4.

On Sunday, Kansas officials announced that schools in the state should close for one week, according to the governor.

“The steps we’re announcing today will create the space we need at the state level… so that we can get ahead of this threat and limit its long term impact,” said Kelly.

As of Tuesday, the state had 17 confirmed cases and one death. The U.S. had 5,702 confirmed cases and 94 deaths.

Kelly said the state is working to determine how a continuous remote learning environment will work.

Some people worried about the effectiveness of online learning for school children. “Closing classrooms and moving to this continuous learning plan… can in no way replicate the great learning that goes on in our world-class schools,” Dr. Randy Watson, commissioner for the Kansas State Department of Education, said. However, resources would be provided to both public and private schools for online learning.

Others disagree.

They argue that any ‘great learning’ that occurs in a brick and mortar structure, is just as applicable in a remote setting. With one-on-one interactions actually increased, giving students the ability to work at their own pace.

Likewise, they argue that the bullying, sexual harassment and assaults, and other detrimental dangers of public schools, which have only seemed to increase over the past few decades, are non-existent. Advocates of home-school and remote school options claim that the lack of viral infection spread is just one of the many benefits to remote schooling.

Kansas made the announcement after approving a bill that gives jobless workers an additional 10 weeks of unemployment.