Exposed For Lying

PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 12 Jul 2018

Kamala Harris Lied About Berkeley Integration When She Was A Kid

A yearbook photo shows Harris lied about Berkeley schools not being integrated when she went to school.

Harris defends illegal alien children.

Sen. Kamala Harris has been busted for lying about Berkeley, California schools being racially segregated when she attended them decades ago. According to The Gateway Pundit, Harris claimed that integration at the schools had taken place a year before she attended, but yearbook images shows that she is completely delusional.

On Monday, Harris tweeted about the power of the Supreme Court. In her diatribe about protecting it from Republicans, she stated that she was a student in only the second class to ever integrate at Berkeley public schools. She is counting on the fact that her followers are too ignorant to know history, because she is lying.

Here’s her tweet:

Harris’ parents were not born poor — in fact, just the opposite. They were successful professionals who worked hard to create a good life for their children in a time when racial injustices plagued parts of the country.

Harris, who was born in 1964, only went to school in Berkeley for two years before moving with her mother.

Aside from her modest upbringing, Harris lied about Berkeley so she could score cheap political points.

Classrooms in Berkeley were first integrated in 1963 — one year before she was born.

Here’s a photo from the 1963 Berkeley yearbook, clearly showing that both white and black students were in school together:

Below is the second image from Berkely’s 1964 yearbook — the year Harris was born — that again shows both white and black students in school together.

So, black and white students were integrated in Berkeley schools in 1963 and 1964. She point blank lied when she claimed that she was part of only the second class to ever integrate at Berkeley.

She didn’t misspeak or miss her mark by just a few years — she was off by decades.

It is important to analyze all of the photos in each section for both images. There are dozens of black students in these photos, strongly illustrating how wrong Harris’ claim really was.

A sitting member of Congress and likely 2020 presidential candidate mislead thousands of people on social media about being the victim of racism.

She also lied about being part of the second class to ever integrate at Berkeley schools because she wanted to use the Supreme Court vacancy as a rally call that someone racist would harm black people now that conservatives will have a majority on the High Court.

Next time she plays the race card for political points, she should at least get her facts straight.