Jane Doe ‘Letter’

PUBLISHED: 8:52 PM 1 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 8:53 PM 1 Oct 2018

Kamala Harris Claims Latest ‘Victim’ Sent Hand-Written Jane Doe Letter

She claims it was sent to her office in the latest unsubstantiated claim against Kavanaugh.

Kamala Harris has been called a front runner in 2020, but there is absolutely zero proof of the claim.

Warning: Graphic language.

A new Kavanaugh accuser, “Jane Doe,” has been named.

In a letter, now released California Democrat Kamala Harris claims a mysterious woman delivered a ‘hand-written’ accusation against Brett Kavanaugh. The unknown person said she was slapped, repeatedly raped by Brett Kavanaugh and another unknown boy who aided in the attack by covering her mouth to stifle her screams, and then dropped off near her home and told, “No one will believe if you tell. Be a good girl.”

“Jane Doe” joined a handful of other women in leveling unsubstantiated claims against President Trump’s pick to join the Supreme Court.

The anonymous claims made by “Jane Doe” were graphic.

She asserted she had been drinking alcohol at a party when a young Kavanaugh and an unknown second boy offered her a ride home, which she accepted. After being joined by Kavanaugh in the driver’s seat, and the unknown boy in the backseat behind her, the future judge began kissing her forcefully, rubbing her through her clothes, and then slipping his hands beneath her sweater.

The second boy is alleged to have groped her from the backseat while placing his hand over her mouth to silence her screams, as well as holding her arm to prevent her from exiting the vehicle.

She wrote that Kavanaugh undressed her, slapped her and ordered her to be quiet, and forced her to service him orally.

After he finished, both of the boys supposedly forced her into the back seat where they took turns raping her, “several times each,” the letter stated.

The secretive letter identifying the writer as a teacher also contained a racial component.

“Jane Doe” wrote, “a group of white men, powerful senators who won’t believe me, will come after me.”

The writer argued that, “Just because something happens [sic] a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn’t want to personally come forward, does not mean something can’t be true.”

As with the some of the other accusers, Jane Doe offered no witnesses that might corroborate her story.

In fact, she remained anonymous and the letter Kamala Harris received had no name or return address. The allegations contained no time, or date to pinpoint when the attack was supposed to have occurred.

With no contact information included, there was no way to verify if the charges were a serious cry for justice, or simply slanders generated by a disturbed individual with a political agenda.

The Judge was questioned about the accusations in a conference call with Judiciary Committee members one day before the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was scheduled to be heard.

Judge Kavanaugh flatly denied the allegations, stating that he took part in no attacks as described, and had no knowledge of the matter.

The transcript of the conference call recorded Kavanaugh’s characterization of the charges made by “Jane Doe” as, “a crock,” a “farce,” and “wrong.”

Kavanaugh assured committee members that it, “didn’t happen, not anything close.” The transcript detailed Kavanaugh being asked if he had ever engaged in such activity as “Jane Doe’ describes.

Line by line, each query was answered with a “no” by the judge.

Senator Harris had this letter in her possession during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, yet kept it under wraps, didn’t mention the allegations, and asked no questions of the Appointee concerning the accusations during her allotted time.

Perhaps Harris didn’t want to present this particular accusation because there was absolutely no evidence to support it, and an anonymous claim with no dates or details that could be verified is even less credible than some of the other wild accusations that have been used to assail Judge Kavanaugh and delay the confirmation proceedings.

She did, however, use it to embarrass and harass the nominee.

Somehow, the anonymous claims of “Jane Doe” have been made public, further tarnishing the name of a highly respected judge, seemingly in a deliberate effort to paint Kavanaugh as a serial abuser of women.

Many Americans viewed leftist antics during the confirmation hearings, and the flurry of accusations flung at Kavanaugh, as a desperate push by Democrats to damage President Trump and deny him another appointment to the Supreme Court.

The protests, delaying tactics, and almost daily revelations of yet another supposed sex assault by Judge Kavanaugh appeared to many as an attempt by the left to drag out the Judge’s confirmation until after the mid-term election, or force his withdrawal altogether.