PUBLISHED: 10:24 PM 30 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 11:04 PM 30 Nov 2017

Kaepernick Humiliates Himself Again As Insane “Education” Plan Reveals Replacement “Bill Of Rights”

Kaepernick and his "Know Your Rights Camp" (pictured) is nothing short of ridiculous.

Kaepernick and his “Know Your Rights Camp” (pictured) is nothing short of ridiculous.

The failed quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, foundered as he tried to talk like a founder. The man who did not even take the time to vote in the last election has decided to issue his own Bill of Rights and in the process has managed to sound more foolish than ever before. For him, that is saying a lot, too.

The Conservative Tribune reports that the lackluster QB has started the Colin Kaepernick Foundation which whines about the same myths that he does and claims to be on a mission to “fight oppression globally, through education and social activism.”

The fact that the only oppression that exists is in his head is something that he seems immune from hearing as he tries to play the part of the social justice warrior. He has also started the Know Your Rights Camp, “a free campaign for youth fully funded by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on higher education, self-empowerment, and instruction to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.


Kaepernick speaks at these camps with flowery words that have very little depth.

His Bill of Rights consists of “You have the right to be free” as a listing. Somehow, this would-be football star has missed the fact that blacks have been free for many years. He also claims that “You have the right to be healthy,” yet no one recalls him ever protesting in front of Monsanto or the people who poison us with GMO’s every day.

Kaepernick says, “You have the right to be brilliant,” a fact that not only is true, but which many are praying someday happens to this dolt. So far, no signs indicate that he has made even the smallest move in making the most of the “right,” however.

He claims that “You have the right to be safe,” yet it is many of the Black Lives Matter thugs that make many people unsafe to start with. These are the very same groups which support Kaepernick, so this “right” seems to be negated by his own movement.

You have the right to be loved,” is added, and while it looks all warm and fuzzy to read, when has anyone ever marched with a sign that said, “Stand against love?”

Kaepernick never runs out of ways to look foolish.

You have the right to be courageous” is listed and it makes almost as much sense and his last addition, which is to say none. “You have the right to be alive” is written as a Kaepernick right, but then again, didn’t the original Bill of Rights pretty much assure this already? Not that this failed player would know since he likely never read the document.

You have the right to be trusted” is included and that is nothing short of an outright lie! One must earn the privilege of being trusted, it is a right granted to no one. “You have the right to be educated” made the cut, yet with the money wasted on this camp, he could have sent how many people to college?

You have the right to know your rights,” an observation that is argued against by no one at all, so it, like his career, is utterly pointless.

As this second-grade level line of reasoning is presented as a deep conversation about our rights and where we are as a people, let us all remember that he was a football player and not a rocket scientist for a reason.

Source: The Conservative Tribune