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PUBLISHED: 7:57 PM 12 Feb 2020

Justice Not Equal: Is this Why Trump Withdrew Liu Recommendation?

Jessie Liu was up for top position, but her previous involvement in the deep state cover up for James Wolfe may have been the reason the president yanked his recommendation.

Wow... just wow. (Source: Fox News Screenshot)

Lou Dobbs delivered an excellent and informative explanation of the liberal privilege that pervades Washington, D.C. His remarks came after President Trump abruptly withdraw his recommendation for Jessie Liu to serve as a top Treasury Department official.

D.C. U.S. Attorney Liu was slated for the treasury post, but after the Roger Stone shake up, is now no longer in contention. But, the reason behind the change is very, very important.

Fox News reported:

The president’s move to withdraw Liu’s nomination comes just hours after four Justice Department lawyers quit following a move by senior leaders at the department to overrule the prosecutors’ judgment by seeking a lesser sentence for long-time Trump ally Roger Stone after he was found guilty of lying to Congress.

Liu is a former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., who before her nomination oversaw the prosecutions of Stone and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn over charges of false statements to the FBI.

Trump previously had considered her for associate attorney general, the third-highest office in the Justice Department, but she withdrew her name from consideration last March.

Attorney General William Barr instead appointed her as chairwoman of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys (AGAC).

Liu, 46, was an assistant U.S. attorney in Washington from 2002 until 2006 and prosecuted violent crimes, drug-trafficking and fraud cases. She later served as deputy chief of staff for the Justice Department’s national security division, a counsel to the deputy attorney general and as a deputy assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s civil rights division.

Liu also worked as deputy general counsel at the Treasury Department and was a partner at the law firms Morrison & Foerster and Jenner & Block.

If she were confirmed to the post at the Treasury, Liu would have served as undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes and played a major role in the Trump administration’s use of economic sanctions.

Liu was scheduled for a Senate hearing on Thursday.

But, it was Lou Dobbs who exposed the tiered justice system for career bureaucrats who are also liberal.

Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director James Wolfe leaked the FISA Application used against Carter Page, but Lui dropped all the charges related to the leak, and instead only charged Wolfe with one count of lying to FBI investigators.

Wolfe was given a meager 60-day sentence.

Contrast this with the Mueller team lawyers demanding that Roger Stone be locked up for 7-9 years.

Watch Dobbs hammer home the truth below: