PUBLISHED: 11:13 PM 22 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Justice Dept. And DHS Jump Into Fray As Report Delivers Scathing PROOF

Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and other top Trump appointees have come forward and laid out the need for a border wall.

Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and other top Trump appointees have come forward and laid out the need for a border wall.

The Trump administration is showing solidarity in support for constructing a wall on Amrica’s southern border after a report released by the Department of Justice(DOJ) and Department of Homeland Security(DHS) illustrated the magnitude of crime committed by illegal aliens and foreign nationals in fiscal year 2017. The Alien Incarceration Report noted that noted 58,766 illegal aliens were being held by the DOJ. Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) has 37,577 in custody and 94% are illegal aliens.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was appointed by President Trump to help carryout his immigration crackdown. Her support for constructing the border wall is clear as she noted, “While the administration is working diligently to remove criminal aliens from our streets, this report highlights the fact that more must be done.” A border wall would go a long way toward stopping criminal invaders from being able to just wander into the country with ease and abandon.

In fiscal year 2016, 192,969 foreign nationals were caught trying to gain entry into the United States through our southern border with Mexico. The number of criminal foreign nationals who successfully get into the United States is unknown for obvious reasons, however, it is equally obvious border patrol does not catch every criminal. Ann Coulter who has studied our illegal immigrant problem extensively found the number of illegal aliens in the United States to be in the neighborhood of 40 million.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked prosecutors to aggressively prosecute those in violation of our immigration laws. Sessions understands the magnitude of the illegal immigration invasion and knows how they destroy communities stating, “We know by sentencing data that non-citizens commit a substantially disproportionate number of drug related offenses, which contribute to our national drug abuse crisis.” 64,070 people in America died in 2016 from drug overdoses.

Sessions agrees a border wall would impede the flow of drugs across our southern border. The cartels in Mexico are enormous crime outfits that have a reputation of committing brutal murders to protect their drug smuggling operations. They constantly murder Mexican law enforcement authorities and sometimes decapitate their victims and put their heads on posts for display.  These criminal outfits rely heavily on funding they garner by exporting tons of drugs to the United States sent through our southern border.

A top official from the Trump administration alarmed by the findings in the report said, “If we had a barrier, a border wall, along the southern border, it is undeniable that more of those offenses will not have to be prosecuted and that we will not have to pay to incarcerate aliens for committing such offenses along the southern border.” The United States spends billions each year arresting, jailing and prosecuting illegal invaders.

Illegal aliens cost the United States $116 billion annually. American taxpayers are left carrying the burden of these unwelcome invaders who receive more welfare than native households. Keeping the hordes of conceited leeches out of our country is key to addressing our national debt, which sits at an astronomical $20.6 trillion, and turning around the deficit the government is running. Illegal immigrants are a huge drain on America and for some reason they feel entitled to demand more than they have already pillaged.

President Trump promised millions of Americans a “big beautiful wall” on our southern border. The president held rallies on the campaign trail where thousands of Americans eager for a change chanted in unison “BUILD THE WALL.” This promise was a cornerstone of his campaign and in November of 2016, millions of Americans supported that promise when they went to the polls. It is the will of the president, his administration and the American people.

President Trump seems confident that he will soon be able to secure funding for the border wall. Eight sample border walls have been constructed at the U.S. Mexico border which will be tested to determine the level of security the differing walls offer.  In a recent cabinet meeting at the White House Trump said “I may be going there very shortly to look at them in their final form.”

The wall will stretch for thousands of miles and stand at an imposing 30 feet above the dirt. It will be a big beautiful solution to the immigration issues we face.