McCabe Leak Busted

PUBLISHED: 2:25 PM 16 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:06 PM 16 Oct 2018

Justice Department Silently Delivers Evidence Of McCabe’s Illegal Leak

The SpyGate scandal is getting bigger as new evidence shows McCabe was linked to illegal leaks about General Flynn.

More information was just released pointing to crucial SpyGate evidence.

New evidence revealed Monday morning in a surprise document dump by the Department of Justice shows a direct tie to an illegal leak in the ‘SpyGate’ scandal to former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe. In fact, it looks as if he was the source.

The Epoch Times outlined it, writing, “On the morning of October 15, the Justice Department released 341 pages from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility’s report on Andrew McCabe… This is the report that resulted in McCabe, then the FBI’s #2 official, being summarily fired by Jeff Sessions back in March of this year.”

“The official story up until now has been that McCabe was investigated by the Inspector General solely for an unauthorized media leak in October of 2016 to the Wall Street Journal. That leak exposed a big disagreement between the DOJ and the FBI about how to proceed with the investigation of the Clinton Foundation after the laptop of former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, was discovered.”

On page seven of the report, it indicates McCabe “was also being investigated for making a leak to the media about President Donald Trump and Lt. General Michael Flynn.”

“For over a year and a half, since January 2017, the question has hung in the air: who leaked the classified intelligence report containing the summary of General Michael Flynn’s phone calls with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak to David Ignatius at the Washington Post?”

That leak was responsible for General Flynn being investigated by the FBI and charged with perjury. Flynn pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing, which is currently scheduled for November 28.

Because of the report, it looks like Deputy Director McCabe was the instigator of the leak.

But there’s more:

“Ignatius’ column appeared in the Washington Post on January 12, 2017. Page 7 of the 341 pages from the FBI’s OPR report states that someone overheard a conversation in early February 2017 in which it was claimed McCabe had made a recent unauthorized disclosure to the news media about General Flynn and President Trump. Then in March 2017 this report was made to the FBI’s OPA office and a decision to investigate the claim was approved.

This March 2017 report is being made five months AFTER the leak McCabe made to the Wall Street Journal. So it’s clear there are at least two separate leaks involved here and the leaks dealt with very different subjects. And this is the first public evidence directly tying Andrew McCabe to a leak about Michael Flynn.

Recall who was sent by the FBI to investigate General Flynn about those phone calls to the Russian ambassador? It was none other than former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, a name that should be well known to anyone by now who has followed all the twists and turns of this growing scandal.”

In fact, the new information may be linked to the trap sprung for McCabe and Peter Strzok by the Inspector General. Previously reported, “’Two of the “brightest minds who served the FBI,’ didn’t have a clue that their computers were bugged and they were both under constant government surveillance. Just before the disgraced duo were finally removed from the payroll and while they still had access to classified FBI data and resources, a carefully engineered ambush was set.”

In fact, both allegedly tried to destroy evidence, but the original records were preserved before the set up.

This latest silent document dump has provided a wealth of information about the overwhelming corruption depth of the previous administration and the career actors in the FBI and Justice Department who will do anything to keep the power and money they’ve come to expect.