PUBLISHED: 12:34 AM 3 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 3:07 AM 3 Jan 2018

JUST IN: State Department Confirms Massive Shift As Global Compact For Migration Involved

Donald Trump has massively reduced the number of refugees we will resettle each year, less than 1/2 of what Obama planned for 2017 alone

Donald Trump has massively reduced the number of refugees we will resettle each year, less than 1/2 of what Obama planned for 2017 alone.

President Donald Trump has significantly altered the types of refugees the United States is taking in each year and has drastically scaled down the number of refugees the country is taking in annually. Obama was able to admit more refugees in his final three months of presidency, 30,017, than Trump admitted in the 11 months following his inauguration in late January 2017, 28,875. In stark contrast to Obama’s policy which admitted more Muslims than Christians, the majority of refugees admitted under Trump were Christian.

Obama set up a cap of refugees for 2017 of 110,000, a number Trump adjusted to just 50,000. The plurality of refugees Obama took in, 45%, were Muslim while a clear majority, 53.2%, of refugees taken in by the Trump administration were Christian. President Trump has also set the cap for 2018 at 45,000, a cap the lowest the country has seen since 1980.

Thus far in the fiscal year 2018, beginning in October 2017, the Trump administration has admitted 5,176 refugees. Of those refugees, 60% were Christian, 18% were Buddhists and Hindus and 13.5% were Muslim. Foreign nationals mostly came from Bhutan, 28%, Democratic Republic of Congo, 22.3%, Burma, 12.3%, Ukraine, 9.4%, and Eritrea, 7.8%.

While the Trump administration is making headway in cutting down on the mass migration into the United States via absurd refugee programs, it has failed to curb funding to the bureaucrats in the United Nations exploiting the United States for the financial backing of their globalist agenda. The Obama administration gave $125 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for relocation and resettlement efforts for 2017 while Trump gave significantly more, almost $134 million for their efforts in 2018.

Of the top ten countries to donate, the United States contributed the most of any country, next was Germany at $112.6 million, then Sweden at $104.9 million, then the European Union at $101.3 million, then Denmark at $53.9 million, then the United Kingdom at $47 million, then Canada at $46.9 million, then the Netherlands at $46.6 million, then Norway at $42.6 million, and rounding out the top ten Australia at $26.2 million. The United Nations is draining western nations to serve the third world.

Notice anything all these countries have in common? The same holds true for the year prior, only Germany didn’t make the list independent of the European Union and is replaced by Switzerland. The efforts the United Nations is going to in order to facilitate mass migration are a clear indicator of their globalist agenda which runs counter to the nationalist uprising in the western countries of the world. According to Nayla Rush of the Center of Immigration Studies “The Trump Administration, as it just demonstrated in Geneva, is more than ever committed to the refugee cause.”

The United Nation has been using the United States to prop up their globalist agenda of massive migration under the guise of refugee resettlement.

The Americans who voted for Trump are worried about the issues mass migration is causing in the United States and see through the false “refugee” claims. Most of the migrants are not refugees at all, but rather economic migrants. The vast majority are men of military fighting age who abandon their people and homelands to leech in western nations. These are cowards who fled the nations that needed them because of their greed and lust for the comforts western societies provide. Contributing to this cause is self-destructive and encourages more of this reprehensible behavior.

The Trump administration has, however, withdrawn from the United Nations Global Compact for Migration. The Obama administration decided to engage the United Stated into compacts with the United Nations which served to erode the national sovereignty of our country and encourage the mass migration of third world immigrants. A nations immigration policy should be dictated by the people of a nation, not a global bureaucracy working to advance their own perverse agendas. The Trump administration is working to resolve the United Nations entanglements in our domestic affairs.

Reducing the number of refugees to be settled in our country by 70% is a step in the right direction, eliminating resettlement outside of their homelands would be a better step. Ann Coulter said, “Proposing an immigration policy that serves America’s interest should not require an apology.”

This sentiment extends to refugee immigrants as well, for too long the United States’ generous refugee program has been taken advantage of by bad actors. Bringing in these hordes of people from third world nations has only had a negative impact on our country, straining our infrastructure, burdening our social welfare programs, draining our resources and draining our economy.