PUBLISHED: 7:31 PM 13 Nov 2017

JUST IN: Republican House Members DEMAND Special Counsel As Hillary Crimes Mount


Rep. Jim Jordan is leading the House call for a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton. The media is focused on the so-called Russia investigation, but Clinton’s suspected crimes go far deeper. It’s amazing that she’s been able to escape prosecutions for so long.

House Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) published a withering letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Fox News’ website. The two Republicans want the Justice Department to stop focusing on non-stories like the Russia investigation and instead direct its attention toward prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

“In my head, I heard the vicious ‘Lock her up!’ chants that had echoed through Trump’s rallies,” Clinton wrote in her last book. “In our second debate, Trump had said that if he won, he’d send me to prison. Now he had won. I had no idea what to expect.”

She should have been nervous. If the Trump administration had dealt with her as it ought, she would have been instantly arrested. Instead, she’s still walking around as a free woman over a year later.

Clinton claims that the attention paid to her email scandal cost her the election. Former FBI Director James Comey “ultimately announced in July of 2016 that the FBI would not prosecute Clinton, a conclusion they again reached 10 days after the bureau launched its second probe and eight days after they were granted a warrant for Weiner’s computer.”


Hillary Clinton blew the last election. She may have thought that it was over, but her campaign misdeeds are coming back to haunt her. It’s likely that she’ll be charged with her crimes.

Reps. Jordan and Gaetz believe that the extent of Clinton’s crimes is enough to justify arresting her.

“Why in 2016—one day before the Benghazi report was released and five days before Secretary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI—did Attorney General Lynch meet with former President Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix?” Jordan and Gaetz question in their Fox News opinion piece.

“Why in the days following the meeting, and when emailing with the public relations staff at the Justice Department, did Loretta Lynch use the pseudonym ‘Elizabeth Carlisle?’ If your conversation with the former President was only about golf and grandchildren, then why not use your real name?”

There are so many twists and convolutions in Clinton’s campaign story that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Jordan and Gaetz are asking questions that Americans deserve an answer to. The Russia investigation has been used to take attention away from Clinton’s misdeeds.

“Why is the FBI so reluctant to tell Congress and the American people if the dossier was the basis for a FISA court order permitting the government to spy on Americans associated with President Trump’s campaign? If the dossier was a legitimate intelligence document relied on by the court, then why not just tell the country?”


People have been demanding that Clinton face jail time for years. Her corruption hasn’t been a secret for a long time.

The real story behind the infamous Steele dossier has just been revealed. Clinton and the DNC funded the salacious document as part of “opposition research.”

“Why is the Special Counsel Robert Mueller? According to The Hill and Circa News, in 2009 and 2010, the FBI through an informant learned Russian companies seeking to do business in the United States were involved in kickbacks and bribes. Yet, FBI Director Robert Mueller did not inform Congress and did not inform the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the entity responsible for the decision on whether to approve the Uranium One deal.”

Jordan and Gaetz’s outrage is directed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions has proven himself to be a competent head of the Justice Department, so why hasn’t gone after Clinton? It’s been over a year since the election and details of her crimes are being still learned.

“Lock her up!” was chanted by thousands of people during the presidential campaign, not because they wanted to smear Clinton as a candidate, but because they genuinely believe that she deserves to spend time behind bars.

Sessions needs to do his job. Going after Clinton will be hard considering the amount of political clout that she’s accrued, but it needs to be done.