PUBLISHED: 6:25 PM 28 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 10:20 PM 4 Feb 2017

Post-Election Analysis Complete, Report Now Confirming Democratic Voter Fraud Within Clinton Camp

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Trump Now Holds The Full Evidence

“Fight it NOW” was the battle cry from Democratic Party chair front-runner,  Keith Ellison, D-MN soon after President Trump announced a major investigation into voter fraud. So if the Soros led Progressive Democrats have nothing to hide then why fight the investigation? Why not fully cooperate in a bipartisan effort to expose fraud and weaknesses in the system vulnerable to vote manipulation?

Why? Because Democrats do have something to hide and that something could prove huge in the lopsided election results in the presidential race. Crooked Hillary somehow managed to receive millions of more “popular” votes than President Trump though “The Donald” gave the dethroned Queen a royal thumping in the electoral college, where it actually matters; even capturing the Blue State flagships like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Crooked Hillary voter cheating ready to be exposed!!!

Crooked Hillary voter cheating ready to be exposed!!!

So where, exactly, did ALL those votes for the murderous Benghazi traitor come from?

According to a Washington Times report, one study just released shows Hillary may have gotten more than 800,000 “illegal” votes. These votes were obviously heavily numbered in sanctuary cities that protect these illegal voters.

How Much Longer For The Free Stuff?

How Much Longer For The Free Stuff?

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in VA, has been working with other colleagues in “groundbreaking research” in illegal immigrant voting. The result of that study is shocking. Through a scientific statistical approach, Richman claims out of the 20 million illegals, 6.4% would have voted and of that number 834,381 of those illegals would have voted for Clinton.

This report, along with any other form of scientific research, utilizes the idea of what is called “standard deviations”. It refers to how likely an “un-ordinary” outcome could occur, and what that final result might be. In short, it is very plausible that the number rests 1 to 2 standard deviations north of the estimated 800,000, which would put the number well into the millions.

And yet the MSM is still arguing against President Trump’s claims of massive voter fraud occurring in the election.

The future of the Democratic Party Keith Ellis a Muslim Brotherhood member who hates Israel!!

The future of the Democratic Party Keith Ellison a Muslim Brotherhood member who hates Israel!!

President Trump has continuously warned the American people how their right to choose their President and Commander-in-Chief is potentially in danger every four years. Sounding the trumpet going back five months ago, then GOP nominee Trump told the American people the truth: “This whole system is rigged.”

As presidential candidate Trump, he promised the American people, “he will drain the swamp”. And as his first week in office is proving, President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, ALL of them including exposing the Democrat Party’s corruption in attempting to rig elections through voter fraud; methods the Marxist Party usurpers have been using for decades as well as some new ones.

Though massive amounts of evidence has been revealed through the years, the Main Stream Media continues to spout that President Trump is wrong, and now GOP Rhinos are climbing on board the Soros train to keep the engine running.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said in a Fox News report, he had seen “no evidence” to support Trump’s claim.

What world is Ryan living in anyway? The world of delusional self promoting and enriching DC politics; a land of wealth and luxury provided to them by the tax paying voter. These Rhino republicans live inside a shatterproof glass bubble far outside the reach of the average citizen and the voting districts. Why listen to the rantings of “conspiracy theorists” who have evidence of fraud?

After all media outlets like CNN, MSNBC , ABC, NBC and CBS are the only “credible” sources of truth in news. All others besides Soros online media like the Huffington Post, are just “fake news,” sources of news they seek to silence. Right.

GOP Rhinos John McCain and Lindsey Graham whooping it up with good buddy Progressive Dem Charles Schumer!!!

GOP Rhinos John McCain and Lindsey Graham whooping it up with good buddy Progressive Dem Charles Schumer!!!

Breitbart picked up a story by the The Detroit News back in December showing voter fraud in Michigan. The local newspaper obtained records which proved fraud.

“Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett found that in 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, more votes had been counted than the number of people who had been marked as having voted…”

Oh but that is just “human error,” according to corrupt Dems. No uproar in the MSM, no journalistic investigation by these national “credible” news source. Just move along, nothing to see here. It’s all Russia’s fault and that evil “tyrant” bully, Putin. Sure… that’s “credible” evidence to use to deny voter fraud.

Can you imagine the outrage if just one fraudulent vote were cast for a Republican?

Fox News, a media outlet which boasts “fair and balance” while “claiming to be the “conservative” voice of the people, is also leading the charge to question the president’s claims: ignoring reports of evidence of Dem shenanigans nationwide, mouthing the same “spin” on fraud reports as the MSM and Progressive Democrats:

No evidence, human error and though fraud does it exist, it is on a tiny, miniscule scale that has no effect on final results.

Really? Its ok to “cheat” if its only just a little bit of fraud?

Fraud in one county in Detroit may not have a substantial effect on final results, but where there is smoke there is always a blaze ready to burst into a firestorm. And that spark ignited a century ago with the birth of the Communist movement in the US. That shadowy underground movement which infiltrated the Democratic Party hit a huge fire break line this past presidential election; one that is ready to burn out the firestorm once and for all: Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the people.

President Trump is going forward guns ablaze and aimed straight at the heart of Soros elitists and Dem comrades’ tactics to cheat Americans out of one of the most important rights in the Constitution, their vote.

He tweeted earlier in the week:

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

Very soon the Dead will not be able to vote!!!

And let’s not forget those Soros owned and managed computer voting machines in 16 states. Oh but that is just a “pants on fire” conspiracy theory.

“George Soros has no hand in the management or ownership of Smartmatic. As is typical of such claims, this one is based on nothing more than the most tenuous of connections,” according to the “official” fact checker Snopes. And who funds Snopes? Could it be a “tenuous” connection to one of Soros’ many “nonprofit” operations?

The “tenuous connection” the obviously liberal biased Snopes is referring to is Smartmatic chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown of Great Britain. He conveniently sits on the Global Board of the Open Society Foundation, an international grantmaking network founded by? You guessed it …George Soros.

First why are we contracting voting machine manufacturing and routine maintenance to a company outside of the US? And you think it’s Russians who are hacking? And to make matters worst, guess who is subcontracted to “service” these machines?

SEIU members who service voting machines believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote!!!

SEIU members who service voting machines believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote!!!

The corrupt SEIU. The Obama backing communist union led by none other than Obama pal Andy Stern. Remember the ACORN scandals a few years back? Guess who founded that organization and was responsible for all of the illegal activities including VOTER FRAUD:  Andy Stern.

No, nothing to see hear. It’s just the Russians meddling in our elections.

One thing these Soros New World Order elitists were not counting on was the sudden rise of the “Deplorables.” Their massive attempts of stealing the election for Crooked Hillary were thwarted by the master of “the art of the deal” and his genus campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

The numbers of LEGAL voters who turned out for the election could not be over shadowed by the Dems “illegal” and “dead” voters.

But the war is not over, “Deplorables”. As Soros Dem puppet Ellison cried, “Fight it NOW!”. And fight on these traitors will, but the soldiers of Almighty God have risen and will be victorious!