PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 7 Mar 2017

Trump Now Offering Planned Parenthood Funding In Special Deal If All Abortions Stopped


President Trump may be willing to offer Planned Parenthood MORE money to help women in need if they quit abortions on the taxpayer dime.

When Rand Paul was busy losing the election talking about Planned Parenthood while Donald Trump took off with every other issue, one very important thing from the organ harvesting operation did come into view. Paul had awoken the people to stand up for their rights regarding what it is that they will and will not pay for. Even some who are not pro-life object to federally funded abortions because while they are not against it, they don’t wish to pay for it. There is no reason that, unless the mother is near death, which is as rare as unicorns, for anyone to pay for someone else’s abortion. If pregnancy is not wanted, a $.99 condom found on most bathroom walls are a lot cheaper and easier on the body.

Trump did take a stand on Planned Parenthood, one that saw him opposed to the borderline illegal and highly immoral practices that they were engaged it. Sure, the women signed the papers allowing the “donation” of baby parts from their abortion, but they did not know because they did not read every word of the paper, regrettably. This would be called “taking advantage of vulnerable women” if anyone else did it. While some good can come from such testing via medical breakthroughs, the means of gathering the “specimens” was disgusting. America was revolted.


Many on the right want Planned Parenthood totally defunded for their past sins. Trump is willing to reach a middle ground.

Due to these established facts, many suspected that Donald Trump would send Planned Parenthood down the extinction trail in terms of federal cash. Proving the Democrats wrong, once again, Trump has proved that he is a businessman and while he does not relish Planned Parenthood, he is not blind to the good work that they do. There are the vast majority of women who go to Planned Parenthood for matters that not only have nothing to do with abortions, but which also have no ties to any sexual or “immoral” activity at all. Because this is true, Trump has offered to continue giving government money to the group (which is NOT the role of government, still) if it halts abortions.

While the left will start crying foul, the fact is that there are thousands of clinics that do not offer abortions with taxpayer money that Trump could have outright chosen for the handout, but he decided to not destroy an organization that also does a lot of good over the issue of abortions. He is NOT moving to outlaw abortions with this move, something many will protest, but simply to outlaw taxpayers footing the bill. That is more than fair to anyone who is not a raging leftist.


Senator and medical doctor, Rand Paul lost the election largely due to his outrage over Planned Parenthood.

Trump said, “there is an opportunity for organizations to continue the important work they do in support of women’s health, while not providing abortion services.” In true Trump deal-making fashion, there is even talk that Planned Parenthood could get MORE money to help women if they abandon the practice of abortion using the federal dime. Many Republicans want to see the money pulled in total, but this just highlights why Donald Trump bested all of them during the campaign. Trump wisely pointed out, “Millions and millions of women—cervical cancer, breast cancer—are helped by Planned Parenthood.  I would defund it because I’m pro-life, but millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood.”

This is a far cry from the “woman hating misogynist” that the left has defined Trump as. Anyone wise enough to buy a condom (or at least a morning after pill) will have even more money if Planned Parenthood just stops cutting babies out of wombs with money that came from the pocket of Uncle Sam. To the shock of no one, Planned Parenthood has shown that they care far more about an agenda that promotes abortions than helping women. This can be seen in the words spoken by Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards who said that PP “will always stand for women’s ability to make decisions about their health and lives, without interference from politicians.


With questionable legal path followed, Planned Parenthood has been caught engaging in disgusting practices.

In essence, they are saying, “we will take less money to offer less services just so that we can keep aborting babies which is not really health ‘care’, simply an elective surgery due to bad planning” (not including sexual abuse). Fox has found that 98 percent of all women in the United States will not ever set foot inside a Planned Parenthood, as proven by them seeing 2.5 million patients, a rather small number considering that other low-income clinics see a comparable rate.

People are saying that Trump used to be pro-choice and this is something that he has said was true. However, rather than this being an issue to which the president has waffled on for political gain, Trump has simply changed as the science has changed. Many people were also more comfortable with abortions, even if wrong, when it was done while the baby was still mostly a blob. Some pro-life people disagree, but beyond that, most of todays pro-life crowd members who migrated to the stance did so over the issue of third term abortion practices that sees a baby that would live if delivered cut out of a mother’s room once its brains were vacuumed from it without pain medication. This the left STILL embraces as a “right” and this embracing of evil has caused an exodus from their “movement.”


While such practices would be needed as those pictured here, the fact that taxpayer money was being used to pay for it outraged America.

It looks like since “the coat hanger” is far more important than the money to help women who need it for reasons that go deeper than not being responsible enough to make sure that at least one person involved has birth control that the GOP diehards will get to see what they want, Planned Parenthood falling. If they decline Trump’s concession then the president will certainly fund those clinics which do not engage in abortion or the promotion of it with tax dollars. The left will blame Donald Trump for not being fair when it is really the “give it to me free for being irresponsible” crowd that is to blame. Democrats want the taxpayers to pay for everything, including abortions that can easily and readily be prevented today. Maybe the “Planned” in the name is simply there for show.