PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM 20 Apr 2017

Putin Gives Unsettling Order, Provoking America After Yesterday’s Shocking Announcement

Putin, during high tension times, flew his warplanes close to the U.S. state of Alaska…TWICE.

While the eyes of the world are locked on North Korea and their self-appointed “god,” one of the most frightening admissions of the 21st century was uttered from Russia. Scarcely anybody heard so much as a peep about the news, but just the same, it was chilling. The Conservative Daily Post has long covered the practice of Putin buzzing American warships when in waters legal for them to be in (the border buzzings can be forgiven, to some degree). It has been shown how this is risking WWIII with a subtle miscalculation on either side, too. We’ve learned only yesterday that the reason for such testing was not to “show muscle,” as Obama had claimed, but to test a jamming/blocking weapon, which changes the face of international warfare!

Now Mikael Thalen at Prison Planet is reporting that “Russian bombers flew off the Alaskan coast for a second time this week.” They came within 35 miles of the mainland of the United States. Considering that even U.S. generals are saying that their jammers make us blind to Russia’s movements, this is disturbing to say the very least. If America has a way to get around this or if they have such a weapon themselves is not known, keeping in line with Trump’s policy of not disclosing matters regarding the military.


Russian planes have provoked the U.S. from Alaska twice this week. Pictured is a report of this happening several years ago on the Fourth of July, too. This is not new.

What is confirmed is that a pair of “Tu-95 nuclear-capable bombers” aroused U.S. interests and was seen as they roamed into the “U.S. military’s Air Defense Identification Zone.” They were said to have been detected going towards the northeast of the Aleutian Islands. It is important to note that they did NOT violate U.S. airspace, however. This is due in part to the great speed at which such travel is capable of, as identification would’ve been demanded once they got to within 2,000 nautical miles, according to the article.

It is known that the alert caused the Air Force to send an E-3 Sentry “early warning plane” from Elmendorf Air Force Base into the skies. This is the Alaskan base located in Anchorage. The planes were sent up to “intercept bombers,” and to verify that no jets were in U.S. airspace. When one takes into account the high amount of tension in the world today, it is easy to see how this could be one mistake away from the End of Days, yet Putin keeps playing the game. The most ironic part of this particular incident is that Alaska was territory sold to the United States by Russia. Sometimes, the facts are just too strange to believe.


This is no word as to whether or not Russia used their jamming weapon with any success near Alaska.

It is also mentioned that Russia came withing only 100 miles of Kodiak Island. For jets that travel at the kinds of speeds seen in modern warfare, Putin may as well been on the slopes with Sarah Palin. A pair of F-22 stealth fighter jets, as well as an E-3 Sentry warning aircraft, were sent airborne to greet the Russians during that display of taunting. Again, it is not known to what degree the jamming weapon was used, if it all. If it was put into action, there is also no word as to how well it worked against U.S. detection systems in Alaska. All of this happening, however, as relations between the White House and Moscow have never been worse, according to both Trump and the former Russian leader, Gorbachev.

As if blind to the risks involved, the Russian aggressors flew for 12 minutes alongside the U.S. as they were monitored before heading home to Anadyr, Russia. It is also reported that this is closer to the U.S. mainland that any Russian threat has been in two years, though some reports dispute this claim. Russia has been spotted, some have published, near California, as well as in dangerous proximity to some U.S. southern states.


Trump has been trying to secure peace with Russia, something that Gen. Flynn would have done wonderfully had the left not smeared him out of his post.

All of this leaves the world in a very strange place. To begin with, NATO still sitting perched on Russia’s doorstep is nothing short of open provocation to Putin. Since Russia has been prone to fighting terror (in Syria) instead of helping it (Iran), it is hard to say if Trump can trust Putin enough to remove the weapons. For that matter, the rest of NATO may not agree and it could be seen as a black eye of capitulation if they do. Regardless, something has got to be done about this in terms of one of Trump’s famous “amazing deals” because, once that is done, war is likely averted.

Another problem is that Putin is very hard to deal with due to his arrogance. He once called Obama on the Fourth of July a few years back to wish him a happy Independence Day, for instance, and then appeared close to U.S. coasts, thus ruining the day for the former President. One of the hottest selling items in Russia is the “United States Flag Doormat,” and tensions are so high that Trump and Putin are not even meeting in person to talk (which makes no sense). Trump has a lot in common with Ronald Reagan, which is important now since not only did the economy flourish under the great leader, but so did peace. Other than a “one and done” strike on Libya in the 1980s, “Ronnie” lead what Fox News Host Sean Hannity called the longest run of peacetime economic prosperity that the world has ever known.


Gen. MacArthur (pictured) was an American hero that helped free Europe from Hitler. Still, when he wanted to use nukes in China, he was fired. Today? It is talked about as if it were nothing.

Peace is needed now because at no time since WWII has so many nations talked so “matter of factly” about using nuclear weapons. It was hinted at with great trepidation during the Korean War, and when even the great and highly respected General MacArthur insisted on using them against China, he was replaced. Now it is as if we were talking about firecrackers with North Korea suggesting using them over jokes about their leader’s weight. Putin talks about using WMD over NATO, Syria, and Iran. China releases graphics of mushroom clouds over maps of the U.S. at trade shows, and now we have Russians all but landing in Alaska.

Putin knows the game very well and he seems unafraid to play it. If Democrats could become a little bit more concerned with uniting behind Trump to make peace with Putin instead of trying to make up fairytales about Russia getting the President elected, the whole world yet may be able to carry on without the aftermath of nuclear war tactics. It is, after all, a game of “one-up-manship” that has no winner.