PUBLISHED: 12:18 AM 1 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 1:10 AM 1 Feb 2017

JUST IN: Pentagon Reports Iran Just Attacked America…But Accidentally Hit Saudi Arabia Instead


The Pentagon thinks that Iranian funded terrorists attempted to attack an American vessel.

In what could easily be called the most alarming news of the new year, it is now thought by the Pentagon that the attack suffered off the coast of Yemen by Saudi Arabia seamen was meant for American vessels. It is believed that Iranian-funded Houthi terrorists are who lead the suicide bombing, which at first was suspected to have been a missile strike. However, after analyzing the video of the attack, it is now almost certainly an attack from terrorists from Iran against what was meant to be U.S. interests.

The savage attack killed two sailors and wounded three others, plus it is reasonable to suspect that the bombers died in the attack that saw a small boat (much like what the world saw when the USS Cole was attacked) pull up alongside a Saudi Arabian frigate and detonate. This further points to Iranian terror when it is known that the last words of the attackers were said to be “Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to the Jews.” Other than the now world hated “Allahu Akbar”, no other saying is as common before eminent blasts and bloodshed.


Was this Saudi Arabian ship the desired target or was it meant to be Americans who died?

Some within the U.S. defense analysis community believe that the attack was what they have called a possible “dress rehearsal” for an attack on American ships, but this seems unlikely since it would only put American vessels on high(er) alert, which it has. The U.S. has been more than aptly trained in how to deal with such threats after the USS Cole bombing, but this does not in any way change the fact that such an attempt is a sign of serious problems worsening in the Middle East, particularly in regards to Iran.

The reason for this is because it means that either Iranian terrorists have attacked Saudi Arabia (which, considering how much Muslims love killing one another is not out of the realm of possibility) or it was an attack where the missed bullseye was an American ship. Making matters even more stressful is the fact that this attack took place in the same area where U.S. ships were fired upon in October which saw disaster averted only due to the prowess of American SM-2 missiles that stopped the damage while still en route to the target. This also lead to a retaliatory attack which took out many of the radar sites that Yemen had used, thus preventing at least briefly that from happening again.


Some question why a travel ban is like a blanket over Yemen. One look at this picture should dispel such questions.

The reason for the attack (not that radical Islam needs a logical reason to attack anyone) is presumed to be that Trump is working with Saudia Arabia to set up a safe zone in Syria and Yemen. This has long been the goal of president Trump who has said that designating and securing a place in those areas where the innocents could be free from ISIS and other terror elements in a way that is much more conducive to happiness on both sides than hoisting them into the EU or the United States where they will simply not acclimate, even if they try.

Saudi Arabia has accepted no refugees and they have tents in the thousands with full living accommodations and even air conditioning sitting vacant except for the yearly Haj, so Trump talking to them about creating a safe area is not a bad idea. It also could be another reason why Trump did not put the abusive Arabians on his ban list. It is certainly wise to deal with Saudi Arabia while the refugee crisis is at least in part solved due to America’s actions AND while America builds up its infrastructure enough to be able to be put Saudi Arabia on a ban list without American energy needs failing as it would if Trump were to do it now.


U.S. warships like this one fired back at Yemen radar systems after an attack was felled by them in October.

The United States have long been an ally of Saudia Arabia and even helped them defend against these suspected Houthi terrorists in 2015. This is why the Constitution warns against disturbing foreign entanglements and why, especially why after 9/11 (which saw Saudi Arabian terrorists, in part), the lesson about helping Saudia Arabia should have been learned. Ever since they have been our “friend”, terror has spread around the world and even more dreadfully so in the Middle East. Oftentimes it is American money that is given to Saudi Arabia which gets funneled down to the terrorists who many within the house of Saud support.

Donald Trump most likely does not savor the idea of working with known butchers but considering that he didn’t ask for the world structure that he aims to influence now that he is president, he has little choice at this time. It reminds one of the words spoken by Donald Rumsfeld when he said, “You don’t go to war with the army that you want, you go to war with the army that you have” when referring to troop numbers. What he meant was that until something can be done to make the existing flawed structure of any given circumstance better, it is vital to work within the given circumstance, not against it. This is one of the reasons that Trump is close to bankers who know the game that he is trying to change, not because he is part of it.


Iran has long chanted for America’s death under the condoning eye of their leaders as they spoke. Did Iranian terrorists just try to attack the USA?

Trump will certainly need more than the bankers on his team, he may very well need the stoic and prudent advice of his many generals who the left has condemned him for employing depending upon how this likely attack plays out. It seems as if the world is blind to the fact that President Trump has made only moves regarding U.S. policy which, except for the travel ban from states that chant for our death, leaves the world alone. If certain members of the world community do wish to find war, they will find a leader in Trump who will win the war, but not due seeking the battle.

Trump’s stand has long been to have our armed forces so strong that we never need to use it, which is pretty much an olive branch to the world. Some in the world do not want an olive branch because their radical mindset makes them an enemy of all who are not Islamic and in that case, that American olive branch could very easily become a stick.