PUBLISHED: 10:26 PM 8 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 11:11 PM 20 Mar 2017

North Korea Taking Every Malaysian Citizen Within Country “Hostage” As Tensions Cement


North Korea is now making enemies of their friend, Malaysia, by refusing to allow Malaysian nationals to go home.

When someone arrives in a nation on matters concerning business, they do not intend to be forbidden to depart from there. A visit or business trip, even of a political nature, is meant to be temporary. If nothing else, it is meant to be only until such times as the free will inherent in every individual decides to leave. Well, like most things in the world, someone needs to make sure that North Korea learns this because they did not get the memo. If they did, they quickly dispelled it because North Korea on Tuesday has said that they are not allowing Malaysian nationals to exit the country.

All of this is the fallout from North Korea testing rockets that threaten the stability of the whole region. Malaysia returned the action by enforcing the same kidnapping like tactic on North Korean citizens, something that will make matters even worse between the two nations. Malaysia had been one of North Korea’s only friends in the whole world and, much like N.K. leader Kim Jung Un snubbed his nose and mocked China, so it seems to be the case with Malaysia. The Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is said to have condemned North Korea for holding people “hostage,” which is one of Kim Jong-Un’s only means of getting people to stay, it appears.


Great Britain is asking Malaysia for proof that North Korea used deadly VX nerve gas on Kim Jong-Nam (pictured).

The Malaysian Cabinet will meet to decide if the North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is to be closed, which is a move that would further isolate the backward nation. This will come as a blow to the senior staff in North Korea who may have seen the 40 years of benefit that has come from the two nations getting along. This can only lead to more within Kim Jong-Un’s circle possibly finding yet another motive to end his vile reign.

The reason for the banning of free movement is every bit as odd as the North Korean nation itself. Sighting the fact that a North Korean citizen was killed in Kuala Lumpur and N.K. wants it “settled in a fair manner,” according to the Asian Review. Pyongyang has not admitted, according to the article, that the citizen who suffered what appears to be a VX nerve gas attack was Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam. Instead, they refer to him by his passport alias Kim Chol.


The two women charged with VX attack claim no involvement in the ordeal.

The Korean Central News Agency has said that the ban on free movement will stay in place until the safety of its diplomacy staff and the citizens of North Korea are promised by “fair settlement of the case.” In other words, North Korea is holding hostage those who came from Malaysia until they get the ruling that they want, or else. The “or else” is implied by the fact that North Korea has the most terrifying and blood-curdling array of concentration camp/prisons this side of Auschwitz. There is no limit to the fury that N.K. could unleash should any fate even hinting at that befall those in North Korea’s keep.

It is being reported that 11 people, three of whom are embassy staff members, their family members, and even United Nations staff (making it worse) are in the nation. It does show how very forgotten and wayward North Korea is in that there are zero tourists in N.K. at this time. This all has lead to Malaysia running yellow tape around the North Korean Embassy, which is a sign that it has been “sealed off.” To this end, Najib said, “This abhorrent act, effectively holding our citizen’s hostage, is in total disregard of all international law and diplomatic norms.”


Kim Jong-Un (pictured) has made a lot of enemies and drawn nothing but negative attention to his nation since he took over leadership.

The Malaysian leader added, “Protecting our citizens is my first priority, and we will not hesitate to take all measure necessary when they are threatened.” This gives one cause to wonder if North Korea has lost all sense of reality. Even among a nation that wants to bomb America and South Korea, even THEY have to know that including Malaysia in some hypothetical war with China and Russian is unwise.

North Korea just continues to play hardball, demanding that Malaysia reach a verdict “as early as possible,” although they want it to their terms. It can not be expected that Malaysia is going to like being bossed around and threatened by N.K. just because Kim Jong-Un has a few bombs that may or may not work. N.K. did assure that Malaysians kept there, “may work and live normally under the same conditions and circumstances as before,” so for now, they are safe. This is good news, since they just added a NAZI style crematorium at one.

The whole problem arose when North Korean ambassador, Kang Chol was sent away from Malaysia. He was reported to have arrived in Beijing on Thursday, but this has yet to be confirmed. We do know that prior to this, Kim Jong Nam of Malaysia was talking badly about how power is given over like a kingdom in North Korea and for this, had VX nerve gas pushed into his face. VX is listed as a banned weapon of mass destruction, so it is not out of the realm of possibility to suggest that Malaysia has retaliated and taken down a North Korean national, but this is only a guess.


Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother (pictured left) is said to have been assassinated and North Korea is demanding answers.

North Korea, as expected, did not own up to the VS nerve gas accusation, but those who study this kind of thing did not invent the notion out of the clear blue nothing. This means that North Korea has to decide, and rather quickly, if they are going to allow Kim Jung Un to destroy their country or if they are going to oust him. Ousting him may mean killing him as select NAZI’s tried with no success to do to Hitler. If not, with the attention of the U.S.A, China, South Korea, and now Malaysia on the downside of N.K. relations, the days of North Korea are greatly numbered.