PUBLISHED: 9:10 PM 20 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 9:10 PM 20 Feb 2017

Mattis Deploys Warships To South Sea, Defying China’s Latest Order To Control Entire Area


James Mattis has answered Chinese threats by patrolling the South China Sea.

Much like Iran who have made deals that they do not in any way adhere to, so it is with China. China is a nation that has received untold millions(?) of jobs from the United States and, among other things, promised that these jobs would help the world’s most populated nation and its people. The result? China works their workforce at what amounts to gunpoint, wages are mere cents (if that), and many factories have suicide nets around them because life has been so “helped” there that workers often commit suicide whilst on lunch break.

The theft of jobs, while immoral, could almost be forgiven them since it was America who was foolish enough to trust a Communist nation. Reagan taught us to defeat communism, not send our jobs to feed it. Still, China has also been allowed to make our weapons components in a show of peace and progress. The result? China has weapons of mass destruction pointed at us via nuclear trade secrets that they stole while Clinton was in the White House. Not content to make our weapons, they had to steal weapons technology above and beyond even that.


While Trump and James Mattis seek violence and war with no nation, China has forced their hands with threats of aggression that must be answered.

Most recently, China has begun hovering about and claiming vast swaths of the South China Sea in what can only be described as deal killing. It MUST be remembered that when China agreed to our jobs and commerce that they too had to agree to certain other things. Those “certain things” do not entail pointing weapons at the United States and other peaceful nations as they travel to do business there.  It also in NO way means building islands with hostile intent, either, which is happening even as this is read. Much like if Iran had been going to pursue WMD then they needed to not make a deal promising to refrain from WMD development, so it is that China had no business taking our jobs in droves if they were going to break the deal that made it happen. (This should make getting out of NAFTA easier, to find a silver lining)

After the last round of threats from China and non-stop testing of the president Trump’s resolve, James Mattis has deployed the aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson, to make patrolling rounds in the South China Sea. Had China simply built the islands and not openly become terribly hostile when speaking about their intent, motive, and purpose for existence, perhaps things may be different today. As it stands, China has rolled these islands out as a challenge to the free world and they’re finding that the free world is not going to tolerate it.


China has been threatening the United States since Obama was in office (at least). These threats have only increased under Trump.

The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei, according to a USA Today article and international records, all claim what is called “overlapping jurisdiction” for the sea in that area. There are a lot of minerals and valuable resources to be mined and used from the South China Sea, something that like most communist nations, China doesn’t want to share. It seems that China imagines itself entitled to the world’s jobs, the world’s resources, and they do not have to keep any trade agreement in regards to travel and international waterway commerce. It would take some time, but if China were to push too hard, they may find that Trump moves American business home with an even greater urgency than he had planned to.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, has falsely claimed that “China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters. China respects and upholds the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea which countries enjoy under international law, but firmly opposes any country’s attempt to undermine China’s sovereignty and security in the name of the freedom of navigation and overflight.” The last part of that statement is devoid of any logic considering the fact that Chinese weapons have been pointed at the very ships that China claims to respect and uphold law for.


China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea are proving to be a major point of contention within the Orient.

Besides the oil and natural gas that China is hoping to mooch from the rightfully shared hands of all of the Asian nations, the South China Sea also has one of the most diverse and bountiful fishing areas in all of the orient. It is reported that 30% of all global maritime commerce goes through the very waters that China is seeking to steal in total, which is a matter of $5.3 TRILLION that could be affected. In essence, since that sum of money could easily cause a world financial meltdown if diminished in any sizable way, China is holding the world hostage with these ridiculous claims and demands.

The outright and illogical bullheadedness of China can be seen also in how they stubbornly called the Hauge condemnation “null and void,” and refused to give the view of the Netherlands any court whatsoever. All seven of the contested islands are seeing massive artificial technology used to create man-made islands that house advanced weapons and airstrips. With China talking weekly, if not daily, about war with America, this matters to a great deal. Let us also call to mind that China had weapons on Russia’s border pointed at Washington D.C. during the inauguration of president Donald Trump.


U.S. ships “sail up” on man-made Chinese islands.

China has threatened to see the U.S. simply traversing these waters (which is supposed to be permitted according to international law in regards to deals that China openly signed onto as part of the terms) “end in disaster.” This threat came even as America has made no official statement about who owns the South China Sea, merely that agreements should be kept. These are signs that China is becoming more unhinged by the day. Perhaps, now that they have America’s manufacturing plants they plan to simply take them over and…really, what could America really do? We could level the plants, but we still don’t have our own plants. Isn’t outsourcing grand?

While China has tried to copycat Putin and his buzzing of U.S. battleships by flying within 1000 feet of the ships (thus trying to cause said “end in disaster” moment), Mattis has stated that China has ““shredded the trust of nations in the region,” yet he holds hopeful for a diplomatic solution. Rex Tillerson has said also, “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed,” while Read Admiral James Kirby has stated, “We are looking forward to demonstrating those capabilities while building upon existing strong relationships with our allies, partners, and friends in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

China wanted the attention of Donald Trump and they got it. Trump has run on a platform of peace, even when he has been mocked for doing it. Trump does not mind mockery, but he does mind disrespect and he minds threats to America and the world economy. Hopefully, the diplomatic solution that has been sought will come to pass, In the meantime, it will be best to limit the purchases of anything that says, “Made in China” until further notice.