PUBLISHED: 11:38 PM 9 Feb 2017

JUST IN: FBI Caught Lying To Make Arrest, Spotlight Opened To Even Worse From Obama Appointees


Obama is the King of unconstitutional acts and emboldened the FBI and CIA to commit the same deceitful unlawful acts against American citizens to illegally charge and prosecute innocent people.

To what extremes will government law enforcement agencies go to violate the rights of American citizens? Just ask the defense attorneys for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

According to The Guardian, FBI agents set up a “fake” film production company to entrap defendants in the 2014 Bundy Standoff to make statements of self-incrimination. The “fake” FBI “journalists” even supplied defendants with alcohol prior to “filming” and paid others a “fee” for participating in their “fake” film.

Do we see a pattern developing since the Obama administration? Was it the unconstitutional acts and influence of Obama that has led the CIA and FBI to board the corruption train that is the federal government these days? Did the FBI choose to use the same tactics of the CIA in its “fake news” activities and propaganda? Activities endorsed and encouraged by Progressives and the Obama administration?

Prosecutors are using those self-incriminating remarks illegally obtained as “evidence” in federal court against Bundy, his four sons and thirteen other defendants. They are being tried in phases over the next year. The first round started on Monday, but does not include the Bundy family.

How is this ethical? The bigger question is how is it even legal to use such deceitful and deceptive tactics? Is a person who is induced by FBI agents with alcohol to the point of intoxication responsible for his/her remarks? It is ok for agents pretending to be “journalists” and documentary “film makers” to use extreme rhetoric, encouraging expressions of anger and passion for a constitutionally protected political idealism? Coaching defendants to use passionate and boastful extremist comments to make it more “interesting” for the audience as legitimate film makers are known to do in productions.

These are the questions jurors need to ask themselves during deliberations. Better yet, these are questions the seated judges on the cases need to ask, then dismiss, according the Constitution.

FBI agents posed as fake journalists to entrap citizens in support of ranchers' plight!

FBI agents posed as fake journalists to entrap citizens in support of ranchers’ plight!

The actions of the FBI are clearly a violation of Miranda Rights and the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, according to the attorneys fighting the wrongful charges.

“When the jury finds out this is a tactic they used, none of them will think it’s okay,” said Daniel Hill, Ammon’s lawyer, adding, “It shows the lows the government was willing to go to,” Hill added according to The Guardian.

In a court filing, lawyers describing the FBI ‘s “fake film production company” and “wide-reaching deceptive undercover operation,” is one of many that could cause prosecutors big problems in the cases, the article states.

Problems jurors will take into consideration when deciding the fate of these civil disobedient cowboys who PEACEABLY protested the overreaching, bullying thugs within the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

A protest that ended in no violence, destruction of property, no injuries or deaths, and one in which the only ones pulling guns and threatening violent action was the BLM and FBI agents, as witnesses will testify.

One juror, who found the Bundys innocent in the Oregon standoff case, said it was the “undercover” actions of the FBI and “paid Informants” that influenced the jury’s verdict, according to Oregonian/OregonLive reports 

Juror 4, a 44-year-old business administration student at Mary Hurst University who served in the Navy during the Iraq War, agreed to participate in a series of email exchanges with the news agency at the request of readers wanting more details as to how the jury came to its verdict.

Juror 4 wrote in one of the emails:

“They (jurors) did a full 180 degree turn when they realized there were six informants that went unnamed on the refuge during the occupation, and the choice of the prosecution to allow that much room for mysterious influence there (remember Fabio?) was decisive. ”

He added prosecutors’ constant objections to the reading and quoting of the Constitution during the trial was offensive to jurors.

“The repeated objections to the reading of the constitution became a wedge issue for them. Those turning points are the most distinct ones I can remember,” Juror 4 wrote.

Juror 4 also stated that it was a unanimous decision by the jury “that this verdict was a statement regarding the various failures of the prosecution to prove “conspiracy…”

Federal agents sensed their efforts to permanently silence these ranchers was going south. Law abiding citizens who stood up to unconstitutional encroachments by the BLM to illegally seize property and stripping ranching families of century old legally documented grazing rights was going south,  and they were not going to accept a jury’s verdict.

Immediately after the verdict was rendered they served the Bundys with federal warrants with more trumped up charges over the standoff in Nevada two years prior, trials that involve the FBI’s “fake” journalist coercion tactics.

At the time of the Nevada standoff, no arrests were made and no charges had been filed until the verdict in Oregon. Is this not a misuse of authority and waste of tax payers dollars simply over an overreaching government agency to harass law abiding American citizens? If they can’t illegally imprison this family they will to bankrupt them financially, using the court system.

Legal costs for these defendants to fight off the charges is tremendous and ones they cannot afford. The Bundys have been denied bail and have been jailed for over a year now, keeping them from working the ranch which is their livelihood. Murderers, rapists, child molester are offered bail, but men who simply exercised their 1st Amendment right to gather peacefully in protest against government actions are confined to a jail cell.

They are being denied access the necessary means to assist their lawyers in preparing a proper defense, and yet the MSM stays silent over these atrocious unconstitutional acts and violations of law.

People exercising their legal right to protest in support of the Hammond ranching family!

People exercising their legal right to protest in support of the Hammond ranching family!

The MSM voiced outrage over the Nevada and Oregon rancher protests and praised the violent riots of the Occupy Movement. The MSM supports and encourages the looting, arson and assaults of Black Lives Matters. And it has sided with George Soros, the ACLU,  paid protesters’ disruptions at International airports, and the violent, illegal rights on the Berkley College campus.

A riot over the planned speech by a conservative. Oh, but the progressives are the mantle for free speech. The hypocrisy and unethical behavior of the MSM has reached new levels of “fake” journalism.

The tactics being used against Bundys mirror the same ones used against the Hammond ranching family in Oregon. The Oregon standoff was a result of those illegal activities.

The harassment began when the Hammonds refused to sell their property to the BLM for the uranium on the land; uranium promised to a Russian company by Bill Clinton through his corrupt Clinton Foundation and one signed off on by then secretary of state Hillary. The Uranium One is the reference to that deal and readers are strongly encouraged to do their own research.

The BLM cut off the water supply to the ranch that the Hammond family had legally acquired through the proper government channels. When a judge ruled against the BLM they then started a “controlled” fire next to the Hammond ranch and then allowed the blaze to erupt out of control.

Ranchers in the west are expert fire fighters. The Hammonds saw the threat racing towards not only their home but others as well and started a back fire to stop the raging burn, a widely used measure by professional fire firefighters and the government. As a result that fire burned a small portion of federal land (illegally seized by the BLM), that would have been burned anyway by the BLM set fire.

When the county attorney refused to file charges against the Hammonds, they went prosecutor shopping and got their charges. The Hammonds reached a agreement to avoid any further legal expenses and served a small time in jail. Since the plan was to get the Hammonds off their land using any method possible, the BLM then had a federal judge re-sentence the Hammonds  to five more years in prison shortly after they fulfilled the first sentence.

The Hammonds were also ordered to pay tens of thousands in fines to the who? The BLM and were given less than a year to pay the BLM or their land would be auctioned giving the BLM exclusive rights as first bidders. Meaning the BLM will get the land for pennies on the dollars. How is all of this legal? It is not and this is what sparked the Oregon standoff. A standoff that did end in violence, but not at the hands of the protesters, but at the murderous hands of FBI agents and Oregon swat team snipers.

The death of AZ rancher LaVoy Finacum who was gunned down as he stood in compliance with his hands in the air. The FBI is now under investigation for that shooting.

And the MSM stays silent.