PUBLISHED: 6:51 PM 2 Feb 2017

JUST IN: Entire Thing Discovered As Democrat Lie, “Fake News” Finally Reaches Its Breaking Point


Putin has been proven to have actually harmed Trump, not helped him win the election as the Democrats claim.

The whole issue of “fake news” is rather confusing. On one hand, we have the “establishment media” like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and ABC who are fraudulent and outright wrong more times than we could ever count. On the other hand, we have “fake news” like Mark Dice, Prison Planet, Breitbart, and We Are Change who the established media are calling lairs.

However, it seems that our snowflake left is having a meltdown, a sort of “collective zeitgeist” to try and plan what attack they will hurl at Donald Trump and his supporters next since of course, they know that it is all lies. Liberals have apparently come up with a test to determine what is “real” or “fake news.”


“Fake news” is a fake title given to those that really do tell the truth most often such as Mark Dice, Luke Rodowski, and Alex Jones (pictured) from Infowars.

To accomplish this, they looked at what news was shared, viewed, listened to, and consumed on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat and the test included 1200 voters, so it was not a small number of test subjects. The outcome of the test showed that the fake news stories did not reach enough people to sway the election, even if every voter who saw the news had believed it. That means that it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for fake news to have elected Donald Trump because not enough people nationally read the news for it to have any impact on the outcome.

Then again, the Democrats have not been very happy since America overwhelmingly rejected the left, socialism, and the entire Democratic platform in November. They tried to tie Putin and Russia into the reason for their loss, but facts have shown that Putin did not elect Trump anymore than fake news did. From there they tried to say that Trump had no mandate because he lost the popular vote like George W. Bush did to Kerry, but this too was untrue.

The fact is that when the “voting dead,” illegal immigrant votes, and those barred from voting for federal offenses are factored out, Donald Trump won the popular vote, too. To combat this fact, the left says that it is “fake news” and hides behind CNN and the like.


The left, besides lying about fake news, is trying to bring back the fairness doctrine to eliminate the First Amendment.

The Democrats will not want to see that the study find that “The average American saw and remembered 0.92 pro-Trump fake news stories and 0.23 pro-Clinton fake news stories, with just over half of those who recalled seeing fake news stories believing them,” because it highlights how badly they lost when it is known that the study also found that, “for fake news to have changed the outcome of the election, a single fake article would need to have had the same persuasive effect as 36 television campaign ads.

Worst of all for the leftists who want the “fairness doctrine” brought back like duck tape over the mouth of freedom, the study showed that almost all voters were able to tell fake news apart from the facts regardless of who presented which side of the heavily divided political isle that the news was found on. This shows that fake news, real fakes, are only harming themselves because people stop going to and trusting such pages. It shows also that most of the time the fake news was not even remembered since the study shows clearly that most fake news stories are not even having any impact or memory retention in those that see it.


The myth that Putin helps Trump has now been safely proven false.

Democrats have not cared about the truth since before John F. Kennedy was gunned down in his limousine. If they did, they would have never called Trump a racist or a bigot. They would not have run with a disgusting sex story about Mr. Trump, lied about the connections of George Soros, covered for Obama as he and NATO provoked Russia, or even called Jenner a lady. The media in the United States IS the Democrat Party and all other voices are to be shushed and hushed as quickly as possible by any means necessary.

There was no fake news telling people that Obamacare took their insurance away from them, raised their rates by double or more, canceled their insurance, gave them sub-par insurance, dreadful deductibles, or unfair treatment. It was their invoices, canceled policies, and expensive rates that told them that. The only fake news happening was the mainstream media who said that Obamacare was a blessing as it cursed the nation.


President Trump has come out swinging against fraudulent news sites like CNN that have lied about and smeared him.

Likewise, it was not fake news that said that Clinton was so far ahead of Trump in the polls, it was the MSM, the same people who told us that Brexit was going to surely topple England. The left and the media have said that there is no war on currency as cops can now take a person’s cash just because they have it on them, not “fake news” outlets. All of this and more was the so-called “trusted” sources that blatantly lied to the voters, not the other way around.

This means that we as Americans know to read many sources and compare, not trust the established media who is owned mostly by big donors to the Democratic Party. If they can paint real news as fake, which they are attempting to do, then real news will never get out. The left is livid that the common man again as a voice and that real facts with real truth and merit are getting out and not the censorship and endless lying that they have become so heavily invested in.

It is a new day in America.