PUBLISHED: 9:07 PM 30 Nov 2017

JUST IN: Dem Claims Health Issues As Supreme Court Dismisses “Frivolous” Confederate Flag Case

The plight of this poor judge would end if the state would only cave to his wishes.

The plight of this poor judge would end if the state would only cave to his demands.

A Clarksdale city judge was on a crusade before the United States Supreme Court put an abrupt end to it. Judge Carlos Moore set his sights on the removal of the Mississippi flag after he declared it “An official endorsement of white supremacy.” The flag’s Confederate overtones were too much for Moore to bear.

Moore should stay away from the governor’s mansion where the flag could cause his health to further deteriorate.

Laughably the judge pins his health issues on the Mississippi flag. Moore’s expressed his pain, “I do believe once the flag is taken down from public property, I would immediately lose that stigmatic injury and that my blood pressure hopefully will go back to normal, will be controlled by medicine, my EKG will go back to normal and that I will have to take one less pill to sleep at night…I have too much pressure on me and the state is contributing to that pressure.”

Moore claims the sight of the flag is threatening as he enters courtrooms in the great state of Mississippi. According to the judge, the flag in public areas means he is being treated like a second-class citizen, so the state must remove it.

The judge sued the governor to force the state to change the Mississippi flag and he failed miserably. He then filed an appeal with the United States Supreme Court who rejected the ridiculous lawsuit. The courts just did not agree the innocuous flag was “an unconstitutional relic of slavery” as Moore’s suit alleged.

The judge claims the flag is an “oppressive symbol” and that it is “racist.” Moore is also unsettled his daughter has to look at the flag in school. The judge even blames the flag for hurting Mississippi’s economy. Moore has removed the flag from his courtroom because he was so deeply troubled by it.

The judge reported receiving death threats from citizens that were outraged he removed the flag from his courtroom after he was appointed. The deaths threats continued to roll in after he filed the failed lawsuit which would eventually be rejected by the United States Supreme Court.

The citizens of Mississippi held a vote in 2001 regarding the state flag. The citizens who turned out voted to keep the flag as it was, soundly rejecting any move to change it.

The state of Mississippi has been bullied by liberal social justice warriors and many of its institutions have caved to the pressure. Public Universities in the state have stopped flying the flag all together in an attempt to appease snowflakes who may have their feelings hurt at the mere sight of it.

Other Confederate symbols across the state have been under attack by liberals feigning outrage. An anonymous coward made a threat online to destroy a 100-year-old monument in Corinth that honored a Confederate officer. William Rogers was killed in 1862 defending Corinth from Union soldiers, the statue was erected in his honor in 1912.

Local police were dispatched to Alcorn County Courthouse so they could place barricades around the statue. An officer was also stationed there to guard the historic monument from criminal vandals.

In August of this year, a group of liberal activists descended on a statue in Durham, North Carolina. The band of criminals tore down a statue of a Confederate soldier holding a gun. The mob was chanting “NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO FASCIST U.S.A.”  The statue stood there since May of 1924 when it was dedicated to Confederate soldiers.

The vandals were caught on camera and police would arrest the thugs in the days following the statues tragic demise. Takiya Fatima Thompson, Dante Emmanuel Strobino, Ngoc Loan Tran, and Peter Gull Gilbert were charged with two felonies, participating in a riot causing more than $1500 in property damage and inciting a riot.

Moore is active on twitter and has used his account to spread anti-Trump stories published by left wing liberal media activist. He once retweeted a news rag reporting “Democrats think Trump is mentally ill and are contacting psychologist to help remove him from office.”

The governor of Mississippi stands in opposition to Moore with the judge’s ridiculous claims and demands. Last year the Governor declared the month of April to be Confederate Heritage Month. The governor chose the month of April because it is the month the Confederacy began its struggle against the Union and four years later on the same month is when it ended.