PUBLISHED: 9:46 PM 27 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 10:11 PM 27 Mar 2017

Clinton & Podesta Failed To Disclose 75,000 RUSSIAN Stocks, Violation Of Federal Law


Podesta (pictured) has been found to have had Russian ties, just as he accused Trump of having.

Psychological projection” is a phenomenon by which a person will “project” what they think or dislike about themselves onto someone else. For instance, a closeted gay man may detest homosexuals or a cheating spouse may accuse his lover of having a wandering eye. There is no shortage of this in everyday life and that includes politicians. Take, for example, the case of Hillary Clinton, a woman who ran a campaign charging that Donald Trump had Russian ties. While it is proving daily that Trump had no such ties, we have learned now that the Clinton campaign did!

The Daily Caller is reporting that John Podesta, who was Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman, may have broken federal law. He failed to report that he had received 75,000 shares of stock from a “Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014.” This has been confirmed by the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. It is said that the Joule Unlimited Technologies is financed in part by a Russian firm, and they at first awarded “100,000 shares of stock options when in 2010 he joined that board along with its Dutch-based entities: Joule Global Holdings, BV and the Stichting Joule Global Foundation.”

Will Podesta have to answer for his Russian connections that he did not disclose?

When he left the Joule board at the start of 2014 to work for Obama as a special counsellor, the company gave to him 75,000 shares of the company stock.  According to the same Daily Caller article, Schedule B section of the federal government’s form 278 makes it mandatory that certain “financial disclosures” for officials working in government take place and that they are reported properly. This is worded as the need to “report any purchase, sale or exchange by you, your spouse, or dependent children…of any property, stocks, bonds, commodity futures and other securities when the amount of the transaction exceeded $1,000.” Basically, this is the Clinton camp doing what they had accused the Trump campaign of doing in a case of projection worthy of the DSM Medical Manual.

There is proof that Podesta’s Schedule B area is left blank, something that is going to be harder for him to explain than a simple declaration of, “I forgot.” It would be very hard to imagine that 75,000 shares of high-end stock tied to a Russia that was (and is still) being painted as a U.S. enemy could easily be forgotten.  This is so bad that even fellow liberals are saying that this is something that should have in no way been overlooked. It means that should Clinton continue on with her hopes of being the mayor of New York City, she has Russian ties to answer via her own party before she even thinks about it.


The accusations were flying from Clinton towards Trump and the battle cry was, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” It turns out it was….for her camp.

Well Podesta should certainly have been more upfront in filling this out. Clearly, it should have been fully disclosed.That’s the point of the personal financial disclosure forms, especially for anyone entering the White House,” is what the Ralph Nader founded group, Public Citizen, had to say via lobbyist, Craig Holman. This is showing that there is some real depth to this alarm within certain factions of the left and that any Putin ties are not going to be simply ignored. The Democrats can not hope to see any life or success in the midterms if they do not clean out a very dirty and disturbing closet long before then. That may mean shedding all things “Clinton.”

If the transfer of stock took place, it had to be disclosed,” said former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova,”if he didn’t, clearly it’s a violation.” After all, the very year in which John Podesta became part of Joule, they agreed to take one billion rubles (about $35 million) from a company called Rusnano. They are a state run and state financed business with very close ties to Putin. What we are all seeing play out before our very eyes is that every accusation that was hurled at Donald Trump seems to be true of Clinton. The halls of criminal history are filled with stories about criminals giving themselves away by accusing others of what they themselves had done. There may yet be an orange prison suit for someone within the Clinton camp, as a result.

Two people that are being called “top Russian banking executives,” as well as company CEO, Anatoly Chubais, worked with Podesta and the group of men met six times a year. At no point were these meetings (which must have been noticed as happening very close to Clinton’s accusations) ever spoken of. Former FBI assistant director, Ron Hosko, said that since Kremlin money was “backing” this, it was vital that Podesta report the perks that he got as a result. “I think in this case where you’re talking about foreign interests and foreign involvement, the collateral interest with these disclosure forms is put in the forefront of full disclosure of any foreign interest that you may have,” he said in DCNF interview.


Trump has said for quite some time that he has had no NO Russian connections at all.

He goes on to say that this matters because Russian money and influence could easily “become a counterintelligence concern for America.” He does not come right out and say the words “Podesta and the Clinton camp lied,” but he comes pretty close by stating, “It’s a troubled question if you deliberately omit this information on the form. Were you completely truthful on this form that you filled out, yes or no?” Since it does not appear that Clinton has any intention of riding into the sunset, these questions are not just relics from the campaign that should be buried as such. Rather, this seems to be how the Democrats operate.

The article goes on, saying that Podesta did not receive it all; some benefits from the 75,000 shares were put into various money havens and shields. It is all legal double speak, for the fact is that we have discovered that “the office of government ethics has no authority to make anyone do anything.” This shocking disclosure came also from Holman. We have learned as well that “the federal penalty can be up to $50,000 per count,” for ” any individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies or who knowingly and willfully fails to file or report any information that such individual is required to report.” All of this information was found from just ONE Daily Caller uncovering. How much MORE corruption waits to be unearthed?


Democrats looked for Putin behind every Trump action. Perhaps they should have looked a little closer to home.

It remains to be seen if anyone will see a jail cell for these dishonest actions, but if not, the facts that the Democrats will want to hide these Russian ties exposed in this report should put to rest much of the Trump/Russia nonsense. If not, look for the Trump administration to come out fighting, and when the smoke clears, it will the Democrats that are left damaged. As for Trump, he has long said that he has no such ties and has nothing at all to hide.