PUBLISHED: 8:27 PM 18 Jan 2017

JUST IN: China To Take Trump And America To War Over Taiwan


China wants to insult America, take our jobs, and go to war over Taiwan who they oppress.

It is always a marvelous lesson in human study to watch the double standards of the Democrats and modern lefties’ in America. Take the matter of Cuba, a nation that was once a beautiful tourist destination (well, at least Havanna) is now a place almost as far behind as North Korea.

The people there are oppressed, jailed, and forced to live in the poverty that communism produces. When Obama reached out to them, the left fawned at what a wonderful gesture it was. Never mind that he never addressed the suffering caused by the Castro gruesome twosome which proved that the gesture was not so wonderful to those who live abused there, just praise Obama.

However, when one of the most oppressive, mean-spirited, monstrous regimes that the world has ever suffered see’s the people rise up and say “ENOUGH!” and start their own nation (kinda’ like America did, snowflakes) as China saw Taiwan do, the left attacks Trump as irresponsible for accepting a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president. Perhaps China’s leader, Xi, was expecting Trump to only take his call so that he could insult the foundations that hold the U.S. together.


China has a large number of troops, the most in the world by far, but a war with the USA would likely involve far worse.

In the same way that Obama seems to want war with Russia, China seems to want war with the United States. Since they already have most of our manufacturing plants, they really don’t need America anymore, which is the modus operandI of communism in all forms. China has threatened to “take the gloves off” if Trump continues to “salt the wounds,” but the only wounds being inflicted in the matter is the stripes put upon the backs of those that have fled to Taiwan from Chinese violence and tyranny.

China is attempting to get Donald Trump to refuse to acknowledge Taiwan as it’s own nation, but only as a renegade state. The trouble with that doing so, as so many past leaders have done, is that it only sets Taiwan up to be attacked into bloody submission at any time of China’s choosing.

Taiwan is one of the only true allies that America can count on in the area (considering that ally Japan is also a currency manipulator and is knee deep in radiation at the moment), and there is no reason to embolden the Chinese by taking no stance against “One China” policies when China is doing everything in its power to confront America daily.


The Chinese train often and hard for battle, often threatening the USA.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying has laughingly warned that any nation that tries to negotiate with Taiwan will be “shooting themselves in the foot” and face “common opposition.” The reason that this is so very funny is that China has allowed itself to become do intoxicated on the wine of their own state run propaganda that they now imagine that other world leaders hold them in the same esteem.

China thinks that it can push around the USA, steal our jobs by working their slave citizens to death for pennies, threaten the USA, and that the US would not seek other allies who may be a bit more appreciative.

The China Daily, which is used to sound energetic in much the same way that “news” is broadcast in North Korea is (hilariously) done said that Trump would face “a period of fierce, damaging interactions,” for “Beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves.” While there is nothing funny about a potential war, one can not suppress a smile when it is called to mind that those “gloves” are made in American factories!

If China gets too testy with the United States, combined with Trump’s displeasure already with China and how they cheat the world by oppressing their own people like animals in a stall, America may simply call all ships to port.


Some estimate that China has a billion troops. While that number may be only hype, China has the largest numbers extant today.

Many companies that now are battling Trump to stay in China may find that the pendulum of patriotism swings away from remaining there if Xi unwisely pushes too hard. This happened in WW2 when many American plants left Germany once the horrors of what Hitler was became clearer. Also, don’t let the argument that it would take too long to reassemble the plants here be entertained, because America did THAT in the second world war, too. China may want to really think about what would happen if they drive their golden goose from the henhouse.

America was asked by the Chinese to block or deny passage of Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen as she not only visited South America, but leaders like Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott as well in the United States. This happened and Chinese newspapers said that China had been fair towards Trump at first, but now things have changed. Some have said that all of Taiwan will now be sacrificed because of Trump.

This reminds many of the wise King Solomon when he suggested cutting a baby in half to detect the true mother, only China is willing to start hacking. Like Mao before him, like Tiamain Square, China has no love for its own people.

To use an analogy of how brutal this is for the Global Times to say, let us imagine that (God willing) California voters in the north get sick of being driven into the ground by the likes of people like Jerry Brown and decide to really start their own state of Jefferson, as many pray happens. Now imagine if the president were to say that NO nation may deal with Jefferson without going through California. When China defies this, the Washington Times comes out and says, “the whole area of Jefferson must now be destroyed due to the actions of China.”

This is the kind of bestial control freaks that rule and write in China, and this is where we have allowed Apple go to make our Iphones.


Just as the mirror of truth destroyed the false image of Don Quixoite, so will China be awoken if they drive American business from their nation.

It is no wonder that Trump got elected when one really takes the time to see the world as it really is. It may be worse than Don Quixote as he saw his woeful countenance in the mirrored shields of his enemies, but those enemies are very real, and we are not fighting windmills. We are fighting with the very nation that we have willfully given our jobs, industry, and know how to.

Sounds like ISIS.