PUBLISHED: 5:34 PM 9 Feb 2017

JUST IN: Assange Now Sabotaged, Ecuadorian Official Just Exposed As U.S. Rat To Take Him Down


The president of Ecuador who has called for Assange’s arrest is a proven U.S. informant.

Julian Assange and the Wikileaks hub of honesty, which has shed light on the corruption that is as common as grass in the world’s political system, has been a constant target for attack since he/Wikileaks first emerged. He has been smeared as a sexual offender and even a pedophile, the latter of which he demanded and promptly received a retraction for. While he rose to prominence by exposing the possible war crimes of George W. Bush, both he and his page are most recently known for exposing the spirit cooking, lies, and multiple scandals of Crooked Hilary.

The media did less of an honest and relentless job of reporting on Wikileaks when Assange showed his unbiased quest for truth (and that he was no respecter of man nor political parties) when he said that he would release Donald Trump’s tax returns if the president reneges on his promise to do so.

The reason for this, of course, is that the media has marching orders from their Democrat controllers to never portray any facts that show even a shred of honesty when reporting on those “evil, vile, terrible, racist, hateful, CENSORED” Republicans.


Julian Assange not only attacked Clinton, but has shed light on Bush, and is even pushing Trump on his tax promise. (Trump said after the audit, so Assange hopefully waits)

The leaders of the world are completely mortified by the thought that they may have to be truthful if people like Assange are allowed to live. “Living” is hardly even what Assange gets to do considering that to avoid arrest from the jackals, he has been holed up in an Embassy. At no time is this more apparent and fully on display than in the news from Ecuador today that shows that the president there, who has called for Assange to be arrested, is a United States informant! This is not something alleged, unproven, nor in the realm of conspiracy theory. The actual cables proving the connection are laid out right down to the detail.

This matters because there were a lot of shady dealings and outright illegal activities happening in the lead up towards the election. The fear is that the Trump faithful will be inclined now to forget that it even happened and just move on. The problem is that elections for Congress happen in two years and another presidential election in four.

If these issues are not addressed and repaired soon, they are going to return like a rash when voters again head to the booth. It takes government usually eons to make even the smallest adjustment, much less addressing and fixing such deep-rooted problems as dead voters, illegal voters, foreign money in elections, speaking fee’s hiding payola government, and charity foundations that should be named after Benedict Arnold.


Wikileaks helped expose the true depth of Clinton corruption.

Sometimes the best way to at least partially judge a man is by his enemies. While Assange has likely been with more women that Bill Clinton, he has no history of rape, and CERTAINLY nothing yet that even hints at being the truth regarding any dealings of such a nature with minors. So who are his enemies? Who is willing to slander a man with the most disgusting accusations to be leveled against a male just to soil his image in the world’s eye? Well, the always “honest and trustworthy” leftists at CNN ran with the child filth story, for one.

Clearly the Bush family are not going to like Wikileaks nor Assange after they allowed the world to find out with video proof that some in the military were committing war crimes, beating people, and shooting at known innocents for enjoyment purposes only. This is in no way the norm for our brave troops, but it needed to be addressed, and for this Assange lives his life in two rooms as if he himself had caused the massacres to happen.

That is a common ploy used by both parties to bring about the downfall of their enemies who expose the truth. Rather than address what was happening under him, Bush asked Assange to address how he got the footage. At no point did Bush nor his administration dare to address the facts found in the footage. Assange could be a rapist, an axe murderer, and someone who kicks his dog in the morning and it would not change the facts exposed. Actually, none of the facts that Wikileaks release are ever proven false or dropped, “too soon.”


No respecter of political parties, Assange has alerted the world to evils done by Democrats and Republicans, such as the illegal violence happening against innocents under GOP’s George W. Bush.

We know now that Ecuador’s leader was a U.S. informant and we can gather how deeply that goes, so they would count as an enemy of Assange as well. Bill and Hillary are not going to be sending him any Christmas cards this year, and we all know what ruthless and powerful enemies the Clinton’s make. More of Clinton’s enemies have “committed suicide” than any group of people this side of the Middle East.

In many instances, they have been outright murdered, so we can add the Clintons safely to the list. All of these people listed, along with the outgoing State Department, which includes John Kerry, have called for Assange to be tried, so these would all count, too.

With a list of enemies like that, the pendulum of logic and common sense swings with great motion towards the likelihood of Assange being innocent. Assange did not do the American leadership an injustice by exposing their lies; rather he did the American people a great service. The people should not only demand that Assange be set free AT ONCE, but perhaps also with restitution and his very own postage stamp!

The world needs to thank Assange for what he has done because things like wars, government overthrows, financial ties to political groups and movements, and even deception towards the masses all stem from such facts. Assange has put the whole world on a more even footing with the elites who have manipulated and distorted the truth so much so that it is not longer the truth at all.


Edward Snowden has at least a life in Russia (shown here) after his exposure and sacrifices for the truth and the 4th Amendment. Assange lives in two rooms as his life.

Trump has made statements which imply that he is more sympathetic to Julian Assange than he is the equally heroic Edward Snowden, but after the tax threat, that may have soured. If so, that is surely just fine with Assange too, for it is not Trump’s praise that lead Wikileaks to reveal the evil that was Hilary. The truth, honesty, and facts drive the man, it seems.

While Snowden at least ended up with something akin to a normal life in Russia, Assange has seen some of his best years spent stranded in two rooms and libeled. If we all had just half of that much of a love for the truth then we would not be living in a world where Wikileaks is needed to begin with.