PUBLISHED: 10:37 PM 2 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 12:06 AM 3 Feb 2017

JUST IN: Anthony Weiner To Face Charges For PizzaGate, Entire Underground Clinton Cult Revealed


Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma were married by none other than Bill “Blue Dress” Clinton.

We all got caught up in the political race of 2016, focused mainly with Hillary’s actions, and the actions of those who were attempting to place her on the throne (and I say ‘throne’ very literally, for she would have obeyed no Constitution that you and I recognize today).

Then it happened.

The Secret's Now Out

The Secret’s Now Out

Then we all found out that Mr. Weiner had a fetish for those under the age of 18 and the world stopped laughing. Even some of us who (with good reason) hold great disdain for his wife Huma Abedin could not help feeling a few pangs for the horrible America-hater because even she should not have to face the kind of despicable dishonor that Weiner has placed upon her. Anthony suddenly shifted from a seemingly dorky guy, to a full-blown sex predator.

Anthony Weiner riding a horse near a rehab facility. photo William Farrington

Anthony Weiner rides again at sexual rehab center as part of his therapy. He may yet face prison for what he has done with a fifteen year old girl.

And now, Weiner is now facing child pornography charges from federal prosecutors for his actions that saw him sexting a 15-year-old girl over state lines. The girl admitted to authorities that she and Weiner began what she called “a relationship” at the start of 2016. The relationship was reportedly over Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and more and included pornography, nude photo’s of Wiener, and the two even chatted about rape fantasies.

He's About To Pay, Big Time

He’s About To Pay, Big Time

While that may sound like a monstrous thing to say to a fifteen-year-old girl, the left seems to be setting the stage for accepted pedophilia just like they did for accepted homosexuality on TV. Salon has released articles from men who state that they are “pedophiles, but NOT monsters.”

As a matter of fact, it was Bill Clinton who officiated Weiner’s wedding and who took many trips on convicted child sexual predator Jeffery Epstein’s plane dubbed, “The Lolita Express” named after a book that talks about sex with a 12-year-old girl. The book was so hardcore that even movie master Stanley Kubrick had to up the age of the girl in order to feel right even making the movie. These are the kinds of people that Anthony Weiner, with his wife Huma at Hilary Clinton’s side, associated with.


After seeing the nation thankfully reject the Hilary Clinton agenda, Clinton aide and friend Huma (pictured), wife of sexual pervert Anthony Weiner, she has little to be happy about. Rather than support her as did him, he all but cheated on her.

With this in mind, is it at all odd that so many people were simply asking what were and are very applicable questions about Pizzagate that saw people like Jon Podesta using words that pedophiles use? Podesta was found to be knee deep in satanic spirit cooking which, while even most Satanists are not messing with children, it is not unheard of, either.

With nothing to lose, Anthony is now set to go before court and will likely spill the beans about his closest “allies” in pedophilia. His deep-set influence in Hillary’s 2016 political campaign now begs further questions: what will he reveal about the Clinton Family and their dealings in this?

Who Else Will Be Revealed?

Who Else Will Be Revealed?

We already know that Bill Clinton is best buds with Epstein. Furthermore, we know that Podesta is tied to spirit cooking. What more needs to be said? It’s clear that things are about to heat up for the Hillary and Bill, and that’s probably the last thing the couple want’s after their humiliating loss on November 8th.

We know that left icons like Henry Kissinger have been questioned (NOT CHARGED, to be clear) about less than stunning acts with children and it seems like problems regarding inappropriate interactions with those under legal sexual age is always cropping up on the Democratic side of the spectrum.

New York Post cover for Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Front page. New Weiner sext bombshell. Meet Carlos Danger. The Royal Baby.

Weiner has gone from a quirky joke to a real sign of moral problems deep in the upper elite of the Democratic Party.

Anthony Weiner is but the tip of a much larger problem in that we are so divided today that if anyone on the right speaks against this or questions those that may do this with children, the automatic response like a jerk reaction of Democrats will be to side with the left because, after all, the GOP is evil.

This MUST stop. We may have such talks over many things, but not the nation’s children. People asked about spirit cooking and the media tried to hush it, so when Pizzagate hit and people saw the media hide it as well, they asked questions.

Anthony Is Set To Tell EVERYTHING At The Fast-Approaching Court Date

Anthony Is Set To Tell EVERYTHING At The Fast-Approaching Court Date

Maybe Comet Pizza is just a place to debate whether or not pineapple sucks on a pizza, but we are going to keep asking questions. We must as citizens not accuse, smear, nor slander as the left does, but we simply have to question people who fly on jets to molest kids, hangs out with rich politicians, donates to campaign coffers, and seems to be willing to do virtually anything to destroy the West and America…even use our children.