PUBLISHED: 10:29 PM 13 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 1:56 PM 14 Jan 2017

JUST IN: 1,000 Muslims Now DEMANDING Islamic Haven As Refugees Take To The Streets In Herds


Radicals, like those shown here, are now marching again openly in England blocking streets while demanding a caliphate.

As Christmas fades and the new year progresses towards Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we are reminded of a time when those who did not have basic rights marched in the streets. Before the Soros funded Black Lives Matter began treating whites as badly as whites used to treat blacks, it used to be that people took to the streets to gain the right to vote, proclaim their First Amendment, and the like.

Today, things are a little different. Today, students march for the right to shut free speech down and certain factions of Islam march for the right to limit who votes….like those pesky women.

It has come to light that over 1,000 Muslims have gathered in a roadway near an embassy located in Belgrave Square, in London, England. They are demanding that a caliphate be established AND recognized formally by the United Kingdom.


This is the face of radical Islam as it chanted against woman’s rights, freedom of speech, and demanded a caliphate.

The protesters demanded an end to the Syrian war, but not for the reason that most in the West would suggest such a withdraw. They are openly rooting for the enemy of liberty, blaming the West for the problems seen in Aleppo.

They have of course no statement on why radical Islam is also staging attacks in China who was in no way involved in Aleppo, nor how demanding what amounts to a coup in democratic England should be given any audience whatsoever. They say nothing about why chanting “god is great” on Downing Street is not to be considered a threat when rather than a prayer, they mean it as an active threat.

Oddly enough, women too were in the crowd, chanting in favor of their own chains. This is a toxic considering that millions of abused women all over the world would do virtually anything to just be able to stroll down the road two blocks and not only be out of reach of these hateful speakers, but also out of reach of the sharia law that they yoke upon those abused under it.

Instead, they stood there dressed like a child playing ghost in the bedding, openly praising someone who wants to take their rights away. Some may have been “forced” by their culture to be there, but much of the vigor shown by many ladies in attendance was far too sincere to have been forced.


Sights like this are common now all over the EU, which is why England departed from them.

The fundamental problem comes down to how to handle sin, which for even the atheist who would word it differently can find as a noble cause, just the same.  To those that follow Christ, that means being “in the world, not of the world, for Christians believe that overcoming the sin that is temptation(s) IS what proves a progress towards God’s ways.

Islam sometimes has a way of turning that whole idea around so that man has almost no temptation to overcome at all. Sharia law says that there will be no cigarettes, pornography, public nudity, or reckless women drivers by decree. Therefore, when sharia works it has less to do with men being godly or devoted and more to do with the fact that there is no temptation.


A radical refugee in Sweden spits on those who took them in after Syria caused violence for them. Now, such things are happening within England.

The caliphate march shut down the street, which is the only positive outcome to arise from the protest because it most likely angered people more than it did convert them. Explaining to one’s boss that we are twenty minutes late due to Allah’s followers begging for the right to take over London by the sword is usually the start to a pretty hard shift.

Still, after 9/11, the interest in Islam went very high, seeing the numbers of converts skyrocket. This is actually one of the most alarming things regarding radical Islam. It is seen not as evil, but as rebellion, in much the same way that the Sex Pistols once were. This is why teens in England and the world often run away to ISIS. The trouble is that that this is the kind of rebellion that leads to a culture losing it’s very identity, not a call against a corrupt queen who to this very day has done nothing to really help England.

Maybe now that England has wisely voted to depart the sinking European Union, some progress will be made. Farage has left the public service role after the success of Brexit, but perhaps he has done it too soon. Staying long enough to quell radical Islam could be not only important for the non-Muslim, but also for those who are Muslim and who also loathe such terror, hatred, and bigotry.


Those who hate the West are coming in droves TO the West. Donald Trump has pledged to prevent such scenes in America.

Donald Trump has been elected in large part because he seems to be able to read a newspaper. He can see that open borders and the acceptance of ideals counter to morality and goodness are all things that are the downfall of a nation. If a woman wants to hole herself up in some cave with a man beating her for the good of his afterlife, then so be it; but to stand in the street and proclaim that such should be the law of the land is going too far.

This must NEVER be allowed to take root in America.