PUBLISHED: 11:11 PM 30 Nov 2017

JUST IN: House Demands “Actions” As “DOJ, FBI Continues To Impede” Oversight Investigations

Rep. Devin Nunes was advised by his counsel this month to issue a Congressional citation to the Department of Justice and the FBI. The House’s investigation into the Obama administration has been checked by lack of cooperation.

A senior attorney for the House Intelligence Committee advised Chairman Devin Nunes to issue a Congressional citation to the Justice Department and the FBI earlier this month. The agencies have been reluctant to share information regarding their use of the so-called Trump dossier, impeding the House investigation into the previous administration’s crimes.

“The House of Representatives seeks contempt citations(?) against the Justice Department and the FBI for withholding key documents and an FBI witness which could shed light on surveillance of associates of Donald Trump. Big stuff. Deep State. Give this information NOW!” President Trump tweeted Thursday.

The dossier, paid for by Team Hillary Clinton, is an embarrassment. None of its salacious allegations are true, yet it’s caused a lot of damage. Some Americans were naive enough to believe the discredited document.

The Justice Department and the FBI likely used the dossier as justification to spy on individuals associated with the Trump family.

“After eight months of ongoing verbal, written, and subpoenaed requests — and engagement by Committee and House leadership at the highest levels — DOJ/FBI continues to impede the Committee’s legitimate investigative efforts and hinders the Committee’s ability to conduct effective oversight,” Nunes’ counsel wrote.

“We’re trying to work with DOJ and the FBI. We hope that they will comply, but if they don’t they leave us very little option, very few options…. Staff therefore recommends further congressional compliance actions”

The dossier was used to disparage President Trump, despite the fact its allegations were false.

The dossier might be remembered as one of the ugliest political scandals in American history. Clinton paid a charlatan to dig up rumors about her opponent and lied about it. It’s absolutely absurd that the dossier was treated as real intelligence.

“We do a disservice when we even refer to it as a ‘Dossier’… That gives it too much mystique. This is an oppo research document of lower quality than even oppo research documents,” Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel told Tucker Carlson.

“All campaigns do this… This is a document based on unnamed, anonymous Russian sources, apparently. They’re never been proven, a lot of them have been disproven… But here’s where they have been particularly clever: They didn’t give it to the press, they sent it to the FBI and then they briefed the press, and then the press was able to claim that this was intelligence that the FBI possessed, which gave it some air of credibility.”

Clinton’s machinations were so deep that the country is still dealing with the effects. She thought that she would become president and the story surrounding the dossier would disappear. Instead, she lost the election and the story blew up.

“The FBI has been playing hardball about letting House investigators see their file,” Strassel said.

“Supposedly they’ve agreed to let them in, started to make some things available to House investigators, but all of this should be — The thing that some people don’t understand, is that when you’re dealing with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), it is not like you put in a request and they say no, it is a back and forth discussion.”

Hillary Clinton’s plan to ruin Trump with the dossier failed.

The truth will come out eventually. The House investigation may be slow, but it’s detailed. Congress shouldn’t be reduced to having to issue a citation, however, to get answers. Too many Obama holdovers are plugging up the system.

“Somewhere in the FBI is a big file that explains exactly what the FBI was putting forward to the court as justification to go ahead with the tapping of Carter Page or Paul Manafort,” Strassel continued.

“The House is having more and more trouble with its enforcement authority [over the FBI], and… the Justice Department said sorry, we’re not complying with your subpoena for a while… Here’s the funny thing: Every time they have an excuse for not giving it, they say it is because of special counsel Mueller. Well, if special counsel Mueller is doing this entirely because the FBI misused a dossier, all the more reason for House investigators to be looking into how this started…”