PUBLISHED: 7:28 PM 14 Feb 2017

JUST IN: 680 Illegals Captured In Homeland Security Raid, Over 500 With Huge Criminal Rap Sheets

Criminal Aliens Arrested

That’s What I Call Success!

President Donald Trump has made it a point to go after illegals that are living in the country. Ever since his proclamation to build the wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, Trump has promised a crackdown on illegal immigrants currently in the country.

Democrats were horrified as Trump said that he would target violent illegals that are in the country and have them deported. Their bleeding hearts are incapable of understanding that these people shouldn’t be in the country anyways. Add in the fact that they are violent and it’s a bigger reason to get rid of them.

Still, Democrats continue to be horrified at what Trump wants to do. They either don’t understand that it is for the safety of the American citizens, or they are too stupid to realize that. They’re going to be distraught when they hear that immigration raids have already begun to net results.

This past week, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency oversaw a series of enforcement operations throughout the country. In it, they were targeting illegal immigrants that had criminal records, and others that had violated the immigration laws of the country.

Border patrol rounding up illegal immigrants

Criminal Illegals Were Targeted

This includes people that had been previously deported and came back in the country anyways. It also included illegals that were ordered to be deported by federal immigration judges. In other words, these are people that were literally ordered out of the country. They don’t deserve to be here.

These operations also targeted illegals that were part of gangs and known public safety threats. Everyone can agree that if someone is going to represent a danger to others, then they shouldn’t be allowed in the country. Everyone can agree on that except for Democrats as they continue to believe that illegals shouldn’t be deported.

As stated above, these raids were conducted across the country in some of the biggest cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and New York City to name a few. These raids resulted in 680 people being arrested. Remember, these are people that pose public safety threats or threaten the immigration system.

Here is where the statistics get interesting. Of those 680 people that were arrested, reports show that about 75 percent were criminal illegals. Simple math shows that over 500 people had criminal records, more than just the fact that they were illegals.

Money for illegals, not a cent for the homeless

A 75 Percent Success Rate Is Nothing To Sneeze At

The crimes include (but not limited to), homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, and many more that are disturbing to think about. Also included were drug trafficking, battery, assault and weapons charges.

In other words, these are people that represent a threat to everyone around them. Seriously, they had homicide and sexual assaults listed as some of the charges. Why do Democrats want to keep these people in the country? Any sane individual would want to keep these people out for the simple fact that they are dangerous.

Not Democrats though. They are determined to keep as many of these illegals in the country as possible, and that thinking style has spread to the average American. People are protesting the wall, immigration orders, and everything in between with signs that read how “nobody is illegal” or anything similar to that.

If “nobody is illegal” then why is it a crime to be in the country illegally? The United States, like every other nation (except Germany it seems), has laws that proclaim people cannot be in the country illegally.

Democrats are also increasingly concerned with the newest operations that ICE had conducted, wondering aloud if they were the result of Trump’s presidency. That is not the case as these kinds of operations are conducted regularly and have been for years.

ICE gives lovely send off to illegals

ICE Has Conducted These Raids For Years

These operations are consistent with how the ICE’s Fugitive Operations teams work on a daily basis. They are routine, they are targeted, and they are working, as the latest batch of captured illegals shows everyone. The main thing to take away here is that President Trump is keeping up his campaign promise to clean up the streets.

The results don’t lie, as now there are over 500 dangerous criminals that are off the streets. This was just one week as well; let’s see what happens in the other weeks of the Trump administration.

One of the crimes that illegal immigrants love to partake in includes identity fraud. They take other people’s social security numbers, and despite the fact that it is illegal, Democrats are okay with that. They claim that it’s acceptable because these immigrants are hard working and the economy is tough. So what about the people that are victims?

Trump has said that he is going to protect this country from illegals in any way he can. That includes the firing of the border chief that was appointed by former President Obama. This was someone that wasn’t as hard on illegal immigration as he should have been, and that is why he was let go.

Share this article with everyone to show that Trump’s plans to help the nation by getting more dangerous illegal immigrants out of the country. The recent raid has just cleaned up the streets of over 500 dangerous criminals. That is getting the job done!