University Student Guilty Of Exposing Children To Obscene Images

PUBLISHED: 11:40 PM 14 Feb 2018

Jurors Find 22-Year-Old Predator Guilty Of “Grooming”

It only took them one hour to come to their unanimous decision.

Just recently, a jury in Scotland found Declan Boyle, a 22-year-old university student from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, was found guilty of forcing children to look at sexual images. 

Just recently, a 22-year-old man in the UK was found guilty of forcing children to look at sexual images. Apparently, he would use video games to groom his victims before showing them naked images of himself and “graphic cartoon porn.”

Specifically, after only an hour of deliberation, jurors in Scotland found Declan Boyle, a 22-year-old university student from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, guilty of two charges of “intentionally causing children to look at sexual images between December 2010 and July 2015.” In addition to jail time, defense attorney Matt Jackson pointed out that he will also likely be kicked out of school. 

Unfortunately, though, Boyle won’t be sentenced until the end of February. This is because, following the jury’s decision, Sheriff Thomas Millar reportedly pushed back the date of sentencing and continued his bail.

According to reports, Boyle targeted two children in particular. One of the children claimed he had been abused for roughly five years, starting at the age of three. The second child told investigators that the abuse began when he was seven.

Disturbingly, Boyle appears to have groomed the boys by playing online computer games, like “Flappy Bird,” with them. After establishing a bond with his victims, he would then replace the game with images of “cartoon characters engaging in sexual activity.” In addition to the cartoon pornography, he also reportedly showed them “naked photos of himself on other occasions.”

Boyle, though, insists that he’s done nothing wrong. “These boys are not telling the truth, I have never played Flappy Birds with them. They are telling very similar lies but they are telling lies and all I can say is that it didn’t happen,” he testified in court.

Despite this, he admitted that he did, in fact, have obscene images on his phone, but wouldn’t clarify what kind. “I had plenty of pornography but I couldn’t tell you exactly what I had because I just download stuff,” he explained.

“There were pictures on there that I wouldn’t want anyone to see and have taken steps to password protect them and have realized how naive I was about the whole thing,” he added, noting, “I wouldn’t show pornography to anyone let alone young children.”

Depute Fiscal Michael Macintosh, however, refused to believe Boyle. In court, he claimed that Boyle was the only liar and accused him of making up stories because he had been caught and is now “on the hook.”

The whole situation has, quite understandably, left the local community in Wishaw absolutely outraged. In fact, some are so furious that they’ve decided to directly lash out at Boyle by smashing the windows of his home.

“There has been a lot of ill feeling ’round here since it came out what he had been up to,” explained a local to the area.  

“It has built up given how long the court case has lasted for and people had just had enough. The victims have been through so much and people took things into their own hands,” he continued.

“The police were up pretty quick and got him out of the house because things were getting heated and there was a lot of anger. The front window got put in and there was a lot of shouting at him,” he added, noting, “police said they would arrest anyone who tried to attack him but it didn’t put people off letting him know what they thought of him.”

Another local told reporters that the response wasn’t surprising. “It was all over Facebook what he had done so it was no surprise when his window was put in because folk round here are raging with what has happened,” he stated.

“There has been a lot of chat in the area about what he had done and some people went to court expecting him to be sentenced. But it was delayed again and that was too much for some people,” he clarified, noting, “sex offenders aren’t welcome in this community and he was certainly shown that. Hopefully, it’s the last we see of him ’round here.”

Sadly, the sexual exploitation and abuse of children is common. Just recently, for example, a man from Montgomery County, Texas was found guilty of repeated child sex abuse. As a consequence, he was given four life sentences.

According to reports, officers first learned of the disturbing abuse back in 2016. Around that time, Akins’ landlord discovered homemade videos of him sexually abusing what appeared to be a 3-month-old baby and handed them over to the police. Investigators then analyzed the videos and confirmed that the person abusing the young child was Akins and promptly took him into custody.

And a few weeks before that, the O’Fallon Police Department arrested 17-year-old Andrew Spensberger after his father turned him in for possessing child pornography. Apparently, he found the obscene images after confiscating the teen’s phone as a punishment for his bad behavior.

Prior to that, officers with the Pope County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ronnie Lynn Gipson, a 45-year-old man from Atkins, Arkansas, and charged with “rape” after he allegedly acknowledged online that he sexually abused a young girl repeatedly over the course of roughly eight years.

The abuse or attempted abuse of children, sexual or otherwise, must not be tolerated. Hopefully, now that he’s been found guilty, Boyle is punished as harshly as possible to help deter others from doing something similar in the future.