PUBLISHED: 9:43 PM 5 May 2017

Judicial Watch President Issues Clinton Bombshell, Revealing Deep State “Protection” By Comey


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton believes that Hillary Clinton escaped justice.

Hillary Clinton’s bitter remarks at an international women’s conference dragged her criminal conduct back into the spotlight. Now questions are swirling over FBI Director James Comey’s possible corruption. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed his concerns with Breitbart Thursday.

“Well, Mrs. Clinton was warned repeatedly – again, uncovered by Judicial Watch documents the FBI had – not to use a system separate from the State Department system because of the security concerns. She acknowledged those warnings and did it anyway. No matter how you slice it, they had the case,” Fitton told Breitbart’s Alex Marrow.

Clinton’s career as secretary of state was dogged by accusations of corruption. She entangled official state affairs with her family charity, The Clinton Foundation. She ignored government security requirements and established her own private server which she then used to send confidential documents.

Clinton and her team demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the law. Yet when she was questioned about her defeat she blamed everything except her own unfitness.

FBI Director James Comey refused to do his job and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes. She blamed him for her loss of the election anyway.

“I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but were scared off,” she said.

“If the election were on October 27, I’d be your president.”

It’s incredible that she remains so deluded. Comey’s October 28th announcement that he was re-opening the investigation into her crimes didn’t cost her the election; it’s the fact that the FBI had to investigate her in the first place that wrecked her chances.

Truthfully, Comey helped her. His decision not to prosecute her kept her out of jail. Would she have had a better chance at winning the election if she were incarcerated?

“In the final analysis, what happened was that Comey has repeatedly and improperly protected Hillary Clinton and her top people from the consequences of their criminal behavior by coloring the law, misstating the law, and focusing on everything but the elephant in the living room: why didn’t he prosecute her?” Fitton asked.

“Why didn’t he recommend a prosecution? Why was immunity granted to all of these individuals? Why is it he said that he needed to prove intent when in fact all they really needed was gross negligence, which was proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, and he probably had the intent there anyway?”

Many Americans are furious that Clinton evaded prosecution.

Comey aided Clinton so much he may as well have been on her campaign team. He refused to do his job. Political, and perhaps personal, motivations led him to ignore the magnitude of Clinton’s crimes. It’s laughable that she would blame her defeat on him.

“The evidence for a meaningful effect on the election from the FBI letter is mixed at best,” a report by the Pew Research Center states. “October 28th falls at roughly the midpoint (not the start) of the slide in Clinton’s support.” Clinton was already on a downward slide before Comey’s letter was released. In fact, she recovered from the resulting blip of negative publicity within days.

President Trump shouldn’t let Clinton escape. The election is over, his competition against her is in the past, but justice hasn’t been satisfied. Clinton broke the law; she needs to be prosecuted. It’s dangerous to set the precedent that rich, influential people are above the law. She doesn’t deserve special treatment. No one does.


Clinton never took responsibility for her actions. She still maintains her innocence.

“I don’t think Comey’s heart was in it. He was always concerned, and he reaffirmed that yesterday, about getting involved in politics…He’s just highlighting the fact that A) he shouldn’t be FBI Director, and B) the Justice Department was so thoroughly corrupt that he couldn’t even trust them to tell you what the time of day was, and C) that the investigation into Hillary Clinton needs to be reopened by someone independent and serious, and Comey should have nothing to do with it,” Fitton argued.

Trump may have dismissed the “lock her up!” chants, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to allow Clinton to go free. He inherited a mess. If the administration doesn’t immediately take action on Clinton’s wrongdoing, it doesn’t mean that they never will.